On June 19, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei hosted for Iftar or fast-breaking families of the Defenders of the Holy Shrines in Syria and Iraq as well as families of martyred border guard, and stressed that the right to life in the Islamic Republic is indebted to the sacred blood martyrs and all people and officials should consider themselves beholden to martyrs and the families of martyrs.

He pointed to the recent threats and hostile remarks by US officials, and brushing them aside as nonsense, said: “Since the victory of the Revolution, US leaders have always sought to change the Islamic Republic system of government but they couldn’t do it, because it is the Iranian nation which has slapped them.”

At the beginning of this meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei described the concept of “martyrdom” as a deep notion with profound meanings and a highly profitable trade with God Almighty, adding: Martyrdom is a trade deal with the Source of life itself, and in this trade God Almighty grants immortality to the devout by purchasing the perishable and destructible life, and in return granting eternal bliss that enables martyrs to rise to a status where they possess the power of intervention with God – to plead for deserving fellow humans.

He described the patience and perseverance of the families of the martyrs in the tragedy of losing their closest loved ones as highly commendable, saying: “The main reasons for the durability of the Islamic Revolution and its might are great concepts and values such as ‘martyrdom, jihad, patience and perseverance of the families of martyrs and the enemy tries to dispossess the society of these values and unfortunately some people expatiate in this framework.”   

Pointing to the durability of the Islamic system of government despite facing harsh hostilities, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “The uttering of gibberish by the US president is not a new issue because the Islamic establishment has faced various plots since its inception but the ill-wishers of the Iranian nation have failed to do anything.”

He added: “Even when the Islamic establishment was a frail and budding sapling, they were unable to harm it, let alone now that this establishment has turned into a mighty tree.”

Pointing to the recent comments by US officials to change the Islamic system of  establishment, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution addressed them, saying, “Over the past 38 years, when have you not wanted to replace the Islamic establishment, but you have always failed and been given a lesson and this will also be the case henceforth.” 

He described the new White House officials as inexperienced and stressed: “These inexperienced individuals do not know the Iranian nation and officials yet but when they receive a slap in the face, they will then find out what law and order is.”   Ayatollah Khamenei added, “US rulers have been struggling to overthrow the Islamic Republic establishment since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, but those who harbored this yearning carried their wish to the grave and such will be the case henceforth.”

He reiterated: “Everyone, whether the enemies, sincere allies and friends whose hearts throb at times, should know that the Islamic Republic is standing firm and with absolute power and the enemies will not be able to slap the Iranian nation but the nation will slap them.” 

Stressing that the value of martyrs must be established in the society, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said in tribute to the role of the Defenders of the Holy Shrines: “Had it not been for the Defenders of the Holy Shrines and the blood of martyrs, today we would have had to fight ‘seditionist, evil elements and enemies of the household of the Prophet inside Iranian cities because they sought to cross into Iran from the borders of Iraq but they were stopped and were exterminated and are being completely uprooted in Iran and Syria.”   

Ayatollah Khamenei described the current security of the country indebted to the Defenders of the Holy Shrines and the protectors of Iran’s borders. He said: “The security of the borders and cities of the country is [ensured], courtesy of the struggles of the border guards who defend Iran with all their power and also prevent the inflow of narcotics; of course these efforts are not properly recognized and the border guards and Border Guard martyrs are deprived [of attention].”   

He described the martyrs of security and intelligence operations as among the other people sacrificing their lives for ensuring security and preventing terrorist moves and the murder of innocent people. He said: “Serving the country is not only the provision of water and bread but more importantly than these is the provision of security and that life in this country is indebted to martyrs as well as all the defenders of the Shrine, the country’s borders and cities.”   

Stressing the need for appreciating the efforts of martyrs and their families, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “We are all beholden to martyrs and anyone who makes any move in line with consigning to oblivion the memory of martyrs or insulting or disregarding their families has, in fact, betrayed the country.”

At the end of the meeting, Maghrib and Isha prayers were led by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the participants broke their fast alongside him.


Jun 26, 2017 11:23 UTC