A commentary of Resale Hoghogh of Imam Sajjad (AS).

We know that nowadays in all around the world, the word "RIGHT" especially in the phrase of "Human rights" is called out, but we know that a lot of them are just a claim, but Islam due to its comprehensiveness has mentioned the rights of everything and encouraged us to observe them. The program "for humanity" is a program on IRIB ENGHLISH RADIO which tries to elaborate on a noble book called "the treatise of rights" which are a collection of the very brilliant advices of Imam Al-Sajjad(A.S) -the fourth Imam of Shia- regarding the different rights to be noticed and observed, such as the right of Allah, the right of the Imams, the right of the parents, the right of the teacher, the right of the neighbor, the right of the friend, the right of different organs of the body, etc.

Jul 22, 2017 10:33 UTC