The Passenger of Tus

Listen to the Spacial Program for Martyrdom of Imam Reza (AS)

The Munificence Martyr

Listen to the Spacial Program for the Martyrdom of Imam Hassan (AS)

The Grief of Mercy

Listen to the Spacial Program for the Demise of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Heaven in Grief (2)

Listen to Spacial Program (Heaven in Grief) for Arbaeen of Imam Hussain (PART2)

Hadith of the day (71)

A Hadith Narrated from Imam Bagher (AS)

Youth Station (5)

Lessons For Life, Exegesis of Surah yusuf

Minbar (63)

Hamza sodagar: Life of Imam Hassan (AS) (PART6)

Lantern (23)

This Episode: Marriage

Islamic Upbringing (16)

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Distortions of Ashura (34)

Ayatollah Motahari,s Speeches on Distortions of Ashura

Insights Into the Holy Quran (33)

Exegesis of Verse (54) of Sore Almeda by Sheikh Hamza Sodagar

Islamic Laws (41)

Answer the Questions of the Followers of Ayatollah khamenei by Sheikh Hamza Sodagar

The Teacher (51)

Islam and Freedom of speech

BookShelf (15)

Introduce a book: The Image of God in the Quran

Back to Reality (25)

This Episode: Death (PART2)

Leader's Speech (31)

This Episode: Taghut