Mar 06, 2019 17:22 UTC
  • Leader emphasises on protection of trees, environment

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called for absolute prohibition of damage to trees for the purpose of constructing buildings.

According to Tasnim News Agency, Leader planted two fruit saplings in Tehran on Wednesday to mark the Tree Planting Day, and delivered a short speech calling for protection of the environment.

Stressing the need to protect plants and warning against the damages caused by disregard for Iran’s forests and grasslands, Ayatollah Khamenei stated, “The issue of trees and protection of vegetation must reach its real position in the public culture.”

The Leader also hailed tree plantation as a symbolic move highlighting the significance of trees and natural environment.

Deploring damages to trees in some bosky locations in order to construct buildings, Ayatollah Khamenei underscored, “The organizations in charge must seriously stand against such measures and not permit them.”

He further urged the judicial bodies to do their utmost to prevent any harm to forests.