Mar 21, 2019 16:58 UTC
  • Iranians seize opportunity of economic hardship caused by US to advance: Zarif

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran has “proudly outlived” many aggressors throughout history and seized the opportunity of economic hardship to make progress.

According to Press TV, Zarif released a video message on the occasion of Nowruz which marks the begging of the new Iranian year, calling it "hope for a brighter future."

Nowruz, he said, "testifies to the character, spirit and magnanimity of our people that they celebrate amid unprecedented, inhumane and illegal sanctions and pressures."

Zarif said "despite the medieval tactics employed by the US to destroy their livelihoods," the Iranians "are unwavering in their sense of hope."

“This is of course not new: as our people have shown seven consecutive American presidents, we Iranians don’t just persevere in the face of adversity. Rather, we seize on it as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, and to advance.”

The Islamic Republic, Zarif said, solely relies on its people to overcome challenges facing the country.

“We Iranians have proudly outlived many aggressors, but our people have consistently shown a strong preference for less regional and global tension and more dialogue and constructive engagement.”

 “In the coming year, Iranians will experience the dividends of an emerging economy of resilience that will increasingly shield their livelihoods,” Zarif said.