• The picture shows a view of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) in Tehran on December 4, 2016 during an open session

Iranian lawmakers have condemned a US Senate vote to extend the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA), urging the administration of President Hassan Rouhani to adopt proper counter-measures.

At the end of an open session on Sunday, 264 MPs in the 290-seat Iranian Parliament (Majlis) issued a statement, strongly demanding the executive branch to take “due retaliatory measures” against the US senators’ decision to extend the ISA “at the soonest possible time.”

The statement came three days after the US Senate voted to extend the ISA for another 10 years, in a move regarded as a blatant violation of last year’s nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“In a theatrical move, US senators extended the unjust ISA law and the sanctions against the great Iranian nation,” the statement read, adding that such an act “is against the spirit of the JCPOA, while international officials and US authorities have repeatedly confirmed Iran’s compliance.”

The lawmakers further condemned the US Senate vote as a sign of Washington’s “irresponsibility in honoring its international obligations.”

On December 1, the US Senate passed the ISA renewal 99-0 after it cleared the House of Representatives 419-1 late November.

The sanctions law was first adopted in 1996 to punish investments in the Islamic Republic over its peaceful nuclear program. The extension of the ISA needs final approval stamp by US President Barack Obama.


Dec 04, 2016 15:14 UTC