• High turnout thwarts enemies' plots: Larijani

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani while casting his vote for the Presidential Elections on Friday morning said the high turnout of the Iranian people in the elections would thwart the enemies' plots.

"In this insecure region, Iran enjoys good security, and the massive participation of the people in the elections will well support the maintenance of this security and will foil the enemies' plots," Larijani told reporters in the holy city of Qom after casting his vote.

He added that elections have always been important in Iran and are among the main pillars of religious democracy.

The top Iranian parliamentarian said a high turnout of the nation in the elections would result in good achievements for the country and boost national security.

Larijani further expressed hope that after the polls presidential competition would turn into friendship with the purpose of achieving a developed and advanced Iran.



May 19, 2017 21:51 UTC