• Majlis Speaker urges Muslims to cut political, trade ties with US

Parliament Speaker of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Larijani has called on Muslim nations to halt their political and trade ties with the US in response to President Donald Trump's "imprudent" recognition of al-Quds as the illegal Zionist entity's "capital."

"Nothing has broken the hearts of Muslims more than Trump's move," Larijani told a parliament session on Sunday. He said even Washington's friends have condemned the "unacceptable and irrational" declaration, Press TV reported.

"None of the former US presidents had such an unacceptable behavior, but the incumbent president took the imprudent measure after phone calls with several leaders of the Arab states," he said.

Larijani said, "The least expectation from Muslim nations vis-à-vis this imprudence is that they suspend their political ties with the US until Mr. Trump understands the depth of his humiliating behavior towards Muslims.

"And if they have a higher will, Muslims are expected to halt their trade relations with the US so that this fraudulent businessman of a president understands that he cannot trade with the dignity of Muslims," he added. 

Larijani said according to confidential reports, Trump's decision was "already coordinated with some countries as part of shoring up the Zionist regime, normalizing relations with the regime, and consigning the tragic drama of the Palestinian nation to oblivion, which means the countries involved have put all their dignity up for auction."

"We wouldn't like to believe these reports but simple calculations show what a scandal America has created through this adventure and that if Muslim and Arab countries do not distance themselves form it, nothing will be left of their dignity and they will have Muslim nations stand up against them."

Larijani said that "apart from the American idiocy, these [Arab] countries suffered the biggest damage because the US took its decision without informing them, which shows America's absolute distrust in these states."

"This is while all Muslim countries are expected to take a united stand against the US and adopt practical measures against it," he added.



Dec 10, 2017 11:53 UTC