Dec 10, 2017 19:01 UTC
  • President Rouhani: Iran to embrace Saudi if it cuts Israel ties, stops bombing Yemen

President Hassan Rouhani says Iran could restore its relations with Saudi Arabia should the kingdom end its military aggression on Yemen and cut its friendship with the Tel Aviv regime.

According to Press TV, speaking at the parliament in Tehran on Sunday, Rouhnai said the Islamic Republic would have no problem with Saudi Arabia if it stopped "bowing to the Zionist entity" and relied on itself and regional nations.

"Saudi Arabia should suspend it bombardment of Yemen and stop begging for contacts with the Zionist regime," he said. "We want Saudi Arabia to stop two things, the misguided friendship with Israel and the inhuman bombardment of Yemen."

Elsewhere in his address, the Iranian president referred to US President Donald Trump's recent controversial decision on al-Quds, saying the move won't go unanswered.

"After regional powers' conspiracy to let terrorist groups dominate the oppressed people in the region was defeated, the Americans today have launched a new plot with the help of the Zionists, which is an aggression on the sacred Quds," Rouhani said.

"We were not, are not and will not be silent in the face of the conspiracies of the big powers, the US, the arrogance and the Zionism ," Rouhani pointed out.