Apr 16, 2018 13:44 UTC
  • US likely to use lies again for attack after Syria strike: Iran

Foreign Ministry spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bahram Qassemi says a US-led attack on Syria on Saturday was a repeat of Washington's use of lies to fulfill its interests in line with its expansionist policies.

“The US has shown that it takes such measures in various countries from time to time based on lies and hollow pretexts in line with its expansionist policies to achieve its goals and is likely to repeat this behavior,” he said Monday, Press TV reported.

Qassemi said the coordinated attacks were against international principles and a testimony to the "expansionist and warmongering" policies of the United States. 

"Today, everything that is seen in the abnormal situation of the region and the current world is due to the blatantly strategic mistakes of the United States over the past decades, which has always made the region suffer from a serious instability," he said.

The spokesman also stressed that "the aggressive action of the three western countries in Syria will have no bearing on the regional and global policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Iran will also respond at the time of its choosing to an Israeli attack on the Syrian T-4 air base near Homs earlier this month, that left seven Iranians dead, Qassemi said.  

"Gone are the days when the Zionist regime would hit and run and the resistance forces in the region are able to respond to this crime at an appropriate time," he said. 

"The occupying regime will sooner or later receive the necessary responses to its recent crime and aggression, and they will regret their misdeed," Qassemi added.