May 26, 2018 18:30 UTC
  • Iran asserts enrichment right, says global developments foreign to Pompeo

Iran has slammed as unacceptable US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's latest remarks about the Islamic Republic's right to uranium enrichment, saying he is a stranger to world events.

"For his information, it must be recalled that the Islamic Republic of Iran's legal right to uranium enrichment has been established and its (enrichment) indigenous know-how exists in the country," Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Saturday, Press TV reported.

Qassemi welcomed Pompeo to the world of foreign policy and diplomacy, but said he "has engaged in … the very special issue [of Iran's nuclear program] with some delay and without necessary and adequate information."

The Iranian spokesperson added that Pompeo is not aware of international developments and realities and is rehashing the words of his defeated predecessors.

Qassemi emphasized that the US secretary of state's remarks are inadmissible not only to Iran but all countries in the world.