Sep 12, 2018 14:54 UTC
  • Iran rejects US claims over Basra protests as ‘provocative, irresponsible’

Iran has rejected as “provocative and irresponsible” US accusations regarding the recent unrest in the Iraqi city of Basra, saying Washington cannot cover up its involvement in fomenting tension in Iraq by blaming others.

“The US administration's policies to create tension, its meddlesome measures and aggressive interference are the main reason behind instability, insecurity, tension and division in the region, and the policies of this country in Iraq have led to nothing but insecurity and instability,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Wednesday, Press TV reported.

He added that the recent unrest in Iraq, including the attack on Iran’s consulate in Basra, was the outcome of the US’s policies and its “unwise and short-sighted policy, either covert or overt, to support groups promoting and spreading violence and extremism.”

The remarks came in response to a recent statement by the White House press secretary that blamed Iran for the recent wave of violence in Basra. It also accused Iran of not preventing attacks in recent days on the US consulate in Basra and the American embassy compound in Baghdad.

Qassemi said the US claims “lacked credibility” and were “astonishing, provocative and irresponsible.”  

He said “the US government must be held accountable for its years-long support for the [terrors] groups in the region and issuing such suspicious statements that put blame on others… cannot reduce their (Americans’) burden of responsibility for creating tension and attacking diplomatic sites and state buildings in that country and other parts of the world.”

He added that Washington cannot cover the consequences of its “wrong, fruitless and destabilizing” policies through playing “gauche” blame games.