Nov 20, 2018 14:47 UTC
  • Iran\'s Ambassador to Copenhagen, Morteza Moradian
    Iran\'s Ambassador to Copenhagen, Morteza Moradian

Iranian Ambassador to Copenhagen, Morteza Moradian, announced on Tuesday that his Danish counterpart Danny Annan will return to Tehran tomorrow.

"Today, I had a short talk with Danish Ambassador to Tehran Danny Annan. He said that he will return to Tehran tomorrow. We hoped that problems will be resolved through the efforts of the two embassies," Moradian wrote on his twitter page on Tuesday.

His remarks were later confirmed by Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen who said that Ambassador Danny Annan was returning to Iran "to intensify diplomacy and coordinate closely with our European partners".

Without providing any evidence, the Danish police late in October linked so-called Iranian intelligence officers to attacking a person in the country. Denmark's foreign ministry then announced in a statement that it had summoned Moradian to Denmark's foreign ministry in that connection. It also recalled its ambassador from Tehran.

After the allegations, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a phone conversation with Samuelsen rejected allegations that Iran's intelligence service "had tried to assassinate a dissident" in Denmark, stressing the European state's responsibility to fight al-Ahwaziyeh terrorist group whose leaders have been sheltered in the country.

During the phone conversation early this month, Zarif referred to the clear attempts by Israel to distort relations between Iran and the European states, and underlined Tehran's preparedness to cooperate with the Danish security officials to clarify different aspects of the plot and the reality.

He also reminded the Danish government of its responsibility to prosecute and arrest members of Ahwaziyeh terrorist group which has admitted the responsibility for a terrorist attack in Southwestern Iran in September, describing Copenhagen's support for the group as "unacceptable".

Samuelsen, for his part, reiterated his country's support for the 2015 nuclear deal and companionship with Europe in using financial mechanisms to continue economic cooperation with Iran.

Also in a relevant development early this month, Danish police arrested three members of a terrorist group on charges of praising the terrorist attack in Khuzestan province in Southwestern Iran on September 22 which killed at least 25 people.