Dec 08, 2018 16:26 UTC
  • UNSC not committed to its obligations: Larijani

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that the United Nations Security Council does not carry out its duties on combating terrorism.

According to reports, in his speech at the second conference of regional parliamentarians to discuss security cooperation on Saturday, Larijani complained that the UN Security Council has failed to honor its responsibilities properly.

"Regional wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and different countries show that this body (the UN Security Council) is not carrying out its tasks," he said.  

Larijani also warned of "very dangerous" consequences of Washington's unilateralism, saying, "The behaviors of [US President Donald] Trump have crushed the human rights systems and led to disappointment among countries."

"Countries like the US and its allies in the region have caused the spread of terrorism," Parliament speaker said, adding that those states claim to be fighting against terrorism, but are practically "using the tool of terrorism."

“We try to increase security relations among members of this conference. Also, there is a need to boost economic cooperation since it will lead to increased regional solidarity,” he added.

He further described the cooperation of Iran, Russia and Turkey in resolving the Syria crisis as a "successful" model for restoring regional peace.