• Syrian government forces regain control of four oil fields in Raqqah, Dayr al-Zawr

Syrian government forces have managed to seize back oil fields in the militant-held northern province of Raqqah and in the eastern province of Day al-Zawr from Daesh Takfiri terrorists as they continue to score more territorial gains against the extremists across the war-ravaged Arab country.

An unnamed military source told Syria’s official news agency, SANA, on Saturday that army troopers had established complete control over Wahhab, al-Fahed, Dubeisan and al-Kabeer oil fields in addition to al-Qaseer, Abu al-Qetat and Abu Kattash oil wells during the military operations.

The source added that a large number of Daesh terrorists, including high-ranking Saudi and Tunisian militant commanders, were also killed and 29 car bombs, five battle tanks, five command centers, a training camp and two arms caches were destroyed.

Elsewhere in the Jam'ayiat al-Zahra district of the northwestern province of Aleppo, Syrian army units thwarted an attack by foreign-sponsored Takfiri extremists on military outposts.

Dozens of terrorists were killed and wounded as government soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with the Takfiris.

The developments came only a day after Syrian Air Force fighter jets bombarded Daesh positions in Raqqah and Hama, inflicting heavy losses on the terrorists’ ranks and military equipment.

A military official, requesting anonymity, said several vehicles, a number of them equipped with heavy machineguns, were destroyed as the jets pounded al-Shujeiri, Khirbat al-Haloul, al-Zamla districts besides the southern and southwestern parts of Raqqah Province.

The official added that Syrian aircraft also targeted Daesh fortifications in Abu Hanaia and Salba districts in the western-central province of Hama.

The military official went on to say that Syrian Air Force aircraft also carried out a series of aerial assaults against Daesh gatherings near al-Kanamat Bridge, Huweija Bridge as well as Dayr al-Zawr Airport.


Jul 15, 2017 19:45 UTC