• US offers $12mn reward for tips about two Hezbollah officials

The United States has offered a $12 million bounty for information leading to the arrest of two senior officials from the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement.

According to Press TV, the US State Department said on Tuesday that it will pay up to $7 million for tips about Talal Hamiyah, Head of Hezbollah’s Foreign Operations, and $5 million for Fu’ad Shukr, a top Military Officer of the Movement.

Nathan Sales, the State Department’s Coordinator for Counterterrorism, told reporters that the reward, the first of its kind in a decade, was “another step to increase the pressure” on Hezbollah.

Sales denounced the resistance movement as a “global threat” and stressed that “countering Hezbollah is a top priority for the [US President Donald] Trump administration.”

He further signaled that Washington would press countries into designating Hezbollah as a terrorist group and into making no distinction between the group’s political and military wings.

“Hezbollah has no political wing. It is a single organization, a terrorist organization,” he claimed.

The US labels the entire Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Most recently, the Congress Foreign Affairs committee voted for a network of additional sanctions against the movement.​

Additionally on Tuesday, Nicholas Rasmussen, Director of the US National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), claimed that Hezbollah “seeks to develop and maintain a global capability to carry out acts of terror.”

“We in the intelligence community do in fact see continued activity on behalf of Hezbollah here inside the homeland,” Rasmussen added.


Oct 11, 2017 09:43 UTC