• Palestine’s Hamas calls for rage day against US, Zionist entity

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas decries as a declaration of “war” a US decision to recognize al-Quds as the “capital” of the occupying regime of Israel, calling for a “day of rage” against Washington and Tel Aviv.

According to Press TV, in a televised speech on Thursday, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called Washington’s decision an “aggression on our people and a war on our sanctuaries.”

He called for a new Palestinian intifada, or uprising, against Israel and said this should begin on Friday.

“This Zionist policy supported by the US cannot be confronted unless we ignite a new intifada,” he said. “Let December 8 be the first day of the intifada against the occupier.”

Haniyeh said his Gaza-based resistance movement is fully ready “to confront this strategic danger that threatens al-Quds and threatens Palestine.” 

The Hamas chief said Palestinians do not recognize Israel as the entity has no land in the Palestinian territories to claim a “capital city.”

“United al-Quds is Arab and Muslim, and it is the capital of the state of Palestine, all of Palestine,” he said.

Haniyeh further called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to withdraw from peacemaking with Israel and on Arabs to boycott the Trump administration.

“It should be announced that the so-called peace agreement was buried, once and for all, and that there is nothing called a partner for the Palestinians in peace,” he said.

Senior officials of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement also said the time is ripe for Palestinians to put aside their differences and counter the Israeli occupation together.



Dec 07, 2017 13:39 UTC