Jan 02, 2018 07:50 UTC
  • Palestinian envoy reportedly returning to Washington

The Palestinian envoy to the United States is reportedly returning to Washington, DC, in the backdrop of US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize al-Quds as Zionist regime's capital.

According to Press TV, Husam Zomlot said Monday that he had made the decision after talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who said Sunday that he would not accept Trump’s decision for the holy city, which Palestinians consider as their capital.

He also said that Abbas had instructed him to return to Washington “immediately.”

Zomlot's talk with Abbas was necessary to "set the decisions needed by the Palestinian leadership ... regarding our relations with the US," Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Maliki was cited as saying by the state-funded BBC.

Hailed as a “great friend to the Jewish people” by Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump has mended ties with Zionist regime that had gone sour under former President Barrack Obama.

Al-Quds remains at the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with Palestinians hoping that the eastern part of the city would eventually serve as the capital of a future independent Palestinian state.

In December 2017, the president said the US recognizes the city as the regime’s capital, triggering global protests.

The Israeli regime, meanwhile, keeps taking expansionist measures in Palestine while getting engaged in atrocities against the Muslim nation.