• China, Arabs could be among mediators of talks with Zionist entity: Palestine envoy

The Palestinian envoy to the UN suggests that China and Arab League (AL) could also be part of any future “peace process” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which should be “collective” and not dominated by the US.

“We’re saying a collective approach involving several players at minimum would have a better chance of succeeding than the approach of only one country that is so close to Israel,” Riyadh Mansour told reporters on Thursday.

The so-called peace process could involve the UN Security Council, said the diplomat, adding that the Middle East Quartet of mediators, namely the UN, the EU, Russia and the US, could also expand to include China and the Arab League.

“The Quartet plus China plus the league of Arab states plus maybe others ... we could also look at that,” Mansour said.

Mansour further said such collective approach could also “of the nature of the French Paris conference or international conference.”

Early last year, scores of countries joined a gathering in Paris to discuss potential means of addressing the conflict.

US President Donald Trump has said his administration had a peace proposal in the works.

Sounding dismissive of any renewed US push at dictating the process, the Palestinian official said, “The old approach failed, and we’re looking for a new approach.”

“But of course if they started with ‘al-Quds is off the table’ and punishing UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency)... what is left on the table?” he asked.

“They lost the neutrality that is required of any broker that helps two parties to reach a peace treaty,” Mansour said.



Feb 09, 2018 14:26 UTC