• Lebanon: Nasrallah outlines plans for parliamentary elections

The secretary general of Hezbollah has announced the Lebanese resistance movement’s electoral program for the upcoming legislative polls, in a televised speech on Wednesday.

According to reports, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said: "This electoral platform is not a political document, yet it focuses on an array of headlines that Hezbollah seeks to achieve through its presence in the Parliament."

Nasrallah added: "We lead these polls in order to remain the true voice expressing the aspirations of the people, and in defense of our nation against the Israeli and Takfiri enemies."

Touching on the economic and financial policies, the Hezbollah leader highlighted the obligation to control and rationalize public spending in compliance with people’s basic needs, resolve the waste and electricity crises, devise development plans for all regions and provide comprehensive healthcare insurance for all citizens.

He also mentioned the necessity to boost the capacities of the governmental hospitals and work on reducing the medical bill, promote the level of public education and enhance the role of the Lebanese University, devise a plan to address the solid waste predicament and a public transport strategy, and resume the reimbursement of July war indemnities and approve the general amnesty law in compliance with the restraints that specify those worthy of pardon.

Nasrallah also maintained that the Syrian refugees must return to the safe areas inside Syria.

Tackling Rome II Conference, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah doesn’t oppose any bid to fund and support the Lebanese Army.

However, he noted that the conference won’t offer support through aid but through loans, stressing that such issues should be tackled at the parliament and the cabinet rather than neglecting it and then imposing it and raising the public debt.

Nasrallah added: "This issue needs more consultations at the parliament and the cabinet."



Mar 22, 2018 08:02 UTC