May 06, 2018 14:53 UTC
  • Ali Da'amoush, a member of Hezbollah's Executive Council
    Ali Da'amoush, a member of Hezbollah's Executive Council

A senior official of Lebanon’s Hezbollah warned that Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh are interfering in Lebanon's parliamentary elections in a bid to strike at the resistance group during the polling process.

However, he ensured that the attempts would be to no avail.

"The parliamentary elections are really sensitive because the Americans and Saudis along with the Israelis are interfering in the elections by supporting certain parties in a bid to weaken the resistance and prevent it from forming a strong fraction in Lebanon's future parliament," Ali Da'amoush, a member of Hezbollah's Executive Council, told FNA on Sunday.

He added that Hezbollah and Amal Party are in a good situation in the elections, expressing confidence that the results would be beneficial for the resistance front.

Polls opened in Lebanon on Sunday morning, kicking off the country's first parliamentary elections in nearly a decade.

Sunday's vote sees 583 candidates compete for the 128 seats in parliament through 77 rival lists, spread across 15 districts.

Under the terms of a new electoral law that introduced proportional representation, voters will be casting two votes; one for a list of candidates and one for a single preferred candidate.

There are up to 3.8 million registered voters in the country. More than 700,000 voters will be casting their ballots for the first time. About 6,800 polling stations were opened across the country, under the presence of the security forces. Voting was scheduled to continue until 19:00 local time (16:00 GMT).