May 20, 2018 14:15 UTC
  • Syria to repel Israeli attacks under any pretext: Envoy to Russia

A senior diplomat says Damascus views any Israeli attack on Syria an act of "aggression" and will confront it, following Zionist entity's raids under the pretext of targeting Iranian forces.

"Syria has its own sovereignty. Any outside aggression against the Syrian territory is an aggression,” Syrian Ambassador to Moscow Riad Haddad told reporters in the Russian city of Sevastopol on Saturday, Press TV reported.

“Our forces, including the air defense, protect the Syrian sky and land. We will repel any aggression against Syria, regardless where it will take place," he added.

The ambassador was commenting on a May 10 incident, in which the illegal Zionist entity conducted what it called its most intensive airstrikes on Syria in decades.

According to Russia's Defense Ministry, Israel used 28 warplanes in the attack and fired 70 missiles. Both Damascus and Moscow said the Syrian army had managed to shoot down more than half of the missiles.