• US lying about efforts to improve Gaza situation: Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has lashed out at the US for its dishonesty regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza, saying American statesmen are lying when they talk of plans to address the crisis in the Zionist-blockaded territory.

According to Press TV, in a televised speech at the start of a Palestinian Central Council meeting in Ramallah on Wednesday, Abbas denounced as mere lies the recent claims by officials in US President Donald Trump’ administration that they want to improve the living conditions of Gazans.

The suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza “started ever since there was an occupation and Zionist regime blockade,” he said. “The US has now woken up to defend and support our people. They are liars,” he added.

He said the American officials’ plan to promote “humanitarian aid and relief projects" in Gaza is in line with their own interests.

Elsewhere in his speech, Abbas censured Israel’s adoption of a law that defines the occupied territories as an exclusively “Jewish state,” saying the Palestinians would stand together against the legislation.

“What Israel is doing now…in this clear and scandalous manner is absolutely intolerable,” he said. “Therefore, we are united against this racist and fascist law.”

Additionally, Abbas touched on Trump’ much-touted “deal of the century” meant to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying the Palestinians would continue to fight against the initiative.

“We were the first to fight against it and we will continue to fight against it until it falls. This is the ‘slap of the century,’” he pointed out.

The Palestinian president further supported the resistance of Khan al-Ahmar residents against their forced eviction from Palestinian Bedouin village, east of Jerusalem al-Quds, urging them to “stop the Zionists from fulfilling their wishes.”

“We must stand with the residents of Khan al-Ahmar day and night, and not only with words, but also with popular resistance,” Abbas said.



Aug 16, 2018 12:41 UTC