• Trump admin to shut down PLO office in Washington, threatens ICC with sanctions

The administration of US President Donald Trump is expected to shutter the Palestine Liberation Organization’s office in Washington and threaten punitive measures against any anti-Israeli action by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

US National Security Adviser John Bolton is scheduled to make the announcement in his speech, “Protecting American Constitutionalism and Sovereignty from International Threats,” to the conservative group Federalist Society on Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday night.

Bolton is going to say that closing down the office addresses congressional concerns that Palestinians might succeed in prompting an ICC investigation of the illegal Zionist entity.

Bolton is also expected to threaten imposing harsh sanctions against the ICC in case it decides to move ahead with requests to investigate the US and Israel.

The US is worried that the ICC might go after American military personnel for their actions in Afghanistan.

According to Bolton’s prepared remarks, Washington is prepared to ban ICC judges and prosecutors from entering the US while going after the court’s bank accounts as well. Counter legal actions are also on the table.



Sep 10, 2018 13:09 UTC