• Syrian Army keeps rolling on Daesh centers in deserts of Sweida
    Syrian Army keeps rolling on Daesh centers in deserts of Sweida

The Syrian Army troops continued hunting the remaining pockets of Daesh in the Eastern deserts of Sweida and captured more points in Toloul al-Safa on Tuesday.

The Army units engaged in fierce clashes with Daesh in the depth of the Eastern desert of Sweida, imposing control over more areas in the rocks in Toloul al-Safa.

In the meantime, the Army's artillery and missile units pounded Daesh's strongholds and movements in Toloul al-Safa, destroying the terrorists' positions and killing a number of sniper men.

The Syrian Army has reinvigorated its positions in Toloul al-Safa.  

A military source earlier reported on Monday that two large Syrian Army divisions left Idlib this weekend for the Southern province of Sweida.

According to the military source, the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th and 9th divisions were redeployed from Idlib to Toloul al-Safa region.

The source said that these two divisions were deployed to Toloul al-Safa region to aid the 3rd Corps and 10th Division in their quest to eliminate the Daesh terrorists in Southern Syria.

Among the units deployed with this massive convoy to Southern Syria is the 9th Division’s Shock Troops; they played a critical role in the Syrian Arab Army’s success in Eastern Ghouta, Dara'a, and Quneitra offensives.
More reinforcements are expected to be redeployed from Idlib Sweida in the coming days, as the need for troops in Northwestern Syria is no longer as pressing.



Sep 25, 2018 15:24 UTC