• About 40 Palestinians injured in clashes with Zionist forces at Gaza border

At least 40 Palestinians have sustained injuries at an anti-occupation protest along the border between the besieged Gaza Strip and Israeli-occupied territories, as a fresh round of protest rallies drew several thousand Palestinian demonstrators to the flashpoint frontier.

Violent clashes erupted on Friday evening after 8000 of protesters gathered in the eastern Gaza Strip to challenge the years-long Israeli siege on the coastal enclave.

The Tel Aviv regime’s troops used live ammunition and fired teargas canisters to disperse the protesters. Palestinians evacuated injured protesters and threw stones using slingshots during protest across the area.

Gaza Health Ministry confirmed that at least 40 Palestinians were injured, including some eight by Israeli live fire.

Of those injured, three are considered to be in serious condition. Dozens more suffered from tear gas inhalation. The Palestinian Red Crescent said its staff was looking for injured people.

This week's protest was staged under the slogan "Normalization is treason" and the organizers called on the protesters to continue these demonstrations until the Gaza "siege" was lifted

Hamas spokesman Abdel Latif Qanou said the Arab countries that are working for normalizing their relations with Israel are “sticking a knife in the back of the Palestinian people and harming their national rights.”

The protests on Friday were intended to continue the “popular” and nonviolent struggle to “break the blockade on Gaza completely,” he added.

On Sunday night, seven Palestinians, including a senior Hamas commander, were killed when Israeli military forces staged an incursion into the southern Gaza Strip.



Nov 16, 2018 18:52 UTC