Feb 21, 2019 05:49 UTC
  • Jordan MPs call for expulsion of Israeli envoy over al-Aqsa assault

Members of the Jordanian parliament’s Palestine Committee have called for the expulsion of Zionist regime's ambassador from the country in response to Tel Aviv's latest measures in al-Quds.

According to Press TV, in a statement read to Jordan's parliament Tuesday, the Palestine Parliamentary Committee also called for the return of Jordan's ambassador from Tel Aviv.

"We call on the government to recall the Jordanian ambassador from Tel Aviv, and to expel the Israeli ambassador in Amman," the statement read.

The move came a day after the Israeli regime banned Muslims from entering the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in al-Quds. Tel Aviv also arrested several worshipers inside the compound, and wounded a dozen Palestinians in an assault on Tuesday.

The worshipers were injured after Israeli military forces attacked them while entering the mosque, the third-holiest site in Islam.

Local sources told the Arabic-language Palestine al-Aan news agency that 10 Palestinians sustained injuries after Israeli troops assaulted them at the mosque's Bab al-Rahma (Gate of Mercy).

The sources added that 15 other Palestinians were arrested by Israeli forces inside the mosque as well. A majority of those arrested were reportedly seminary school students.

In their statement, Jordanian lawmakers denounced Israel’s act as a violation of human rights and international law.

"[The measures] contradict the most basic human rights values and international laws," the statement read.

The lawmakers warned that such actions "represent a new and dangerous stage that provokes millions of Muslims around the world" and entrenches "racial and sectarian divides… and incites hate speech". 

Palestinian Ma'an news agency reported on Monday that Israeli soldiers had sealed off Bab al-Rahma with locks and iron chains a day earlier and prevented the Palestinian worshipers from entering the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

The agency said the Israeli move sparked clashes between Palestinian youths and the Tel Aviv regime forces, which resulted in the detention of five Palestinians, including a woman.