Feb 28, 2019 18:59 UTC
  • Euro-Med slams Israeli violations of Palestinians' rights in al-Quds

A Geneva-based organization has documented continued and excessive human rights violations committed by Israel against Palestinians in al-Quds within the space of a single month.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med) released a report, detailing the violations of Palestinians’ rights by Israeli forces in January.

Sarah Pritchett, Euro-Med’s spokesperson said, “The Israeli authorities continue their policy of restricting freedoms of the Palestinians in Jerusalem [al-Quds] and preventing them from holding activities or events that reflect the Palestinian identity.”

The organization characterized the instances of infringement as deliberate and systematic, listing them as forcible demolitions, arbitrary arrests, torture, and attempts at manipulating the religious identity of Jerusalem al-Quds.

Israeli troops, it said, would recurrently engage in razing Palestinian homes and shops and would even force them to pay the demolition costs or destroy their own property.

The Israeli forces regularly carry out night swoops on Palestinian houses, the report added, adding that they would also attack hospitals on routine bases, intimidate the staff and take away the patients without any consideration for their health condition.