Mar 13, 2019 14:51 UTC
  • Iran will keep watchful eye on foreign military bases: Shamkhani

The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) has warned about “suspicious nuclear projects” pursued by certain regional countries as well as efforts aimed at undermining the security of the Islamic Republic and the region.

“Some [countries in the region] are spending petrodollars on suspicious nuclear projects… [which] can pose a more serious danger and crisis than the threat of Takfiri terrorists and Daesh to the region and even the world,” Ali Shamkhani said on Wednesday.

He noted that that the emergence of such new threats would prompt Iran to re-devise its defense strategy based on the nature and geography of the threats so that it would be able to meet the needs of the country and the Armed Forces.

“We constantly watch all activities of foreigners and certain evil countries of the West Asia region, especially certain unusual activities of some regional countries that have a proven black record of supporting terrorist movements,” he added.

Shamkhani was apparently pointing to reports that the administration of US President Donald Trump was seeking to advance the sale of nuclear power technology to Saudi Arabia.

Iran to keep watchful eye on foreign bases 

In separate remarks on Wednesday, Shamkhani also warned about the establishment of military bases by certain extra-regional countries near Iran’s borders, stressing the Islamic Republic would keep a watchful eye on them.

“Any effort aimed at destabilizing Iran’s borders by any group or country will be met with [our] preemptive and a severe offensive,” Shamkhani said, adding that Iran “will not allow the spearheads of creating instability and their mercenaries to undermine the security of nations and stability of the region.”

The senior Iranian official said that over the past two years, certain terror groups backed by some regional and extra-regional countries struggled to undermine the security of the country’s northwestern borders, but their attempts were foiled due to the vigilance and serious action of the Armed Forces and security bodies.