May 11, 2019 04:32 UTC
  • On 12th Friday since partial success of uprising, Algerians rally for more

Tens of thousands of Algerian protesters have taken to the streets of the capital, Algiers, for the 12th straight Friday to demand the removal of politicians associated with a regime they have partially ousted.

“We will not give up. The battle will continue,” said a 37-year-old school teacher, who took part in the protest in central Algiers along with his wife and two children on Friday.

The protesters were also carrying a banner reading “They all [must] go,” referring to the ruling elite from the regime of president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, whom they have been able to oust.

The demonstration, which is the first of its kind since the beginning of Ramadan — the Islamic holy month of fasting — was smaller than the previous ones that rocked the capital over the past weeks.

Mass anti-government protests were also staged in the cities of Oran, Tizi Ouzou, and Constantine, among others, on Friday.

After 20 years in power, Bouteflika announced his resignation on April 2 after the army chief General Ahmed Gaid Salah withdrew support for the ailing president following months of protests against his rule that erupted over his decision to seek a fifth term.

Despite his fall, the protests have continued as many demand the removal of all figures associated with Bouteflika’s regime, including interim leader Abdelkader Bensalah, the former upper house speaker, and Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui.