• US police officer filmed beating black woman with baton

A US police officer has been filmed beating a homeless African American woman with baton “after she begs for money” in the state of Georgia.

According to Press TV, the footage, filmed by an onlooker, shows Katie McCrary screaming as she is struck at least 12 times within 30 seconds by the policeman, The Independent reported on Friday.

The officer is also seen threatening to shoot her if she will not put her hands behind her back.

Police was called after reports of a woman begging for money from customers at a petrol station in Decatur in Georgia.

The footage does not show what led to the use of brutal police force against the defenseless person, but it shows the officer repeatedly hitting the woman with the baton as he pins her down.

He is seen landing some of the blows as she struggles on the floor and others as she lies still.

The officer then is seen placing the baton on the back of the woman’s neck and pinning her down with his knee in her back.

He can be heard shouting "let go or I'll shoot you" as she grabs the baton while bystanders are seen shouting, "no, please don't shoot her.”

The video ends after the officer handcuffs the woman while she is repeatedly asking, "What did I do?"

US police have been under harsh criticism over fatal shootings of and brutality against several African Americans in recent years.


Jul 15, 2017 16:51 UTC