Jan 29, 2018 07:46 UTC

At least five people have been killed in a shooting at a car wash in the US State of Pennsylvania, police officials say.

According to Press TV, the shooting took place at around 3 a.m. local time on Sunday at a Ed's Car Wash in Melcroft, some 55 miles (88 km) southeast of Pittsburgh.

Three men and two women were among the dead. It was not clear whether the shooter was dead or alive.

Police said there was no threat to the public at this time.

Robert Broadwater of the Pennsylvania State Police said two of the bodies were found in a pickup truck while two others were recovered from the car wash parking lot.

"Victims have not been identified yet, we have no idea what has really taken place here this evening, this morning. So, it's early on in the investigation. That's pretty much all I can provide for you at this time," he said.

Pennsylvania State Police told Fox News early Sunday morning that another person was also injured in the shooting. No further details were provided about the victim’s condition.

Police were still investigating the incident and had yet to determine the possible motives. No arrests were reported.

Each year, more than 32,000 people die as a consequence of gun-related violence in the United States, which is by far the highest among industrialized countries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some experts say the NRA, one of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington, is largely responsible for the gun violence epidemic across the United States.