• Desperate refugees search for seasonal jobs in Italy

A recent influx of refugees into the Piedmont region of northern Italy means that up to 400 are now sleeping rough in the town of Saluzzo, according to local authorities.

Saluzzo has been host to close to 1,000 refugees, with some living in shelters provided by the city hall and others sleeping on roadsides.

While refugees have been struggling with an insufficient number of shelters, harsh weather conditions, and limited access to seasonal jobs, the small Italian town is figuring out ways to walk the fine line between hospitality and exploitation of newcomers.

Over the past five years, more than 600,000 refugees have reached Italy by risking their lives on board rickety boats in the sea. Some 500,000 of them are still staying in the country.

According to the United Nations (UN) figures, at least 500 people have died this year while trying to cross the central Mediterranean. Some 2,853 also lost their lives last year.



Jul 12, 2018 14:48 UTC