Sep 17, 2018 12:17 UTC
  • Stop spying, sabotage activities against mainland: China to Taiwan

Beijing says Taiwan has “significantly increased” its spying activities against mainland China, calling on the self-ruled island to swiftly stop such “infiltration” and “sabotage” attempts.

An Fengshan, a spokesman for China’s policy-making Taiwan Affairs Office, said Beijing has launched an operation against the Taiwanese institutions it believes are behind intelligence theft as well as “infiltration and sabotage activities” targeting the mainland.

“Taiwan authorities must avoid any further damage to the increasingly complicated and intense cross-Strait relations,” the official added.

The warning to Taipei came after China’s security authorities said spy agencies in Taiwan “have been trying to incite and win over people in their efforts to build spy networks, jeopardizing the peaceful development of the cross-Strait relations and national security interests.”

According to Chinese media, Taiwanese spy agencies have especially been seeking to obtain confidential data about the mainland by luring the Chinese students studying on the island, which China views as a wayward province.

China’s state TV has also begun airing a series of programs detailing cases of the students approached by Taiwan’s domestic spies.

According to Chinese security officials, those students usually major in politics, economics, science or military technology and are targeted due to their potential access to key information.

A report by China Central Television said more than 100 Taiwan-related spy cases have been addressed during the security operation code-named 2018 Thunder.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, however, rejected China’s allegations in a statement at the weekend.

“The Mainland Affairs Council asks the mainland authorities not to politically manipulate mainland students studying in Taiwan and frame our personnel for engaging in espionage,” it said.

Such a move would “further raise suspicion and misunderstanding across the strait,” it added.