• UK May says opponents should accept her Brexit deal or face uncertainty

British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned her opponents that if they reject a Brexit deal that might come out of her talks with the European Union, they will be forced to accept a no-deal situation where Britain will leave the bloc leaving trade and other issues unregulated.

“I think that the alternative to that will be not having a deal,” May in an interview aired Monday, Press TV reported.

The remarks come as May strugglers to reach an agreement with the EU in the coming weeks on how Britain will withdraw from the bloc in March next year. The opposition Labour Party and members of May’s Conservative Party have said they will reject the deal in the parliament. Opponents argue May has been too lenient in her proposals for a withdrawal, saying Britain will become even more dependent on Brussels in future.

May said that the parliament would ultimately approve her Brexit deal, an agreement she was confident would be good.

If the House of Commons rejects the deal, Britain will crash out of the EU with no deal, a situation many have warned would have dire consequences for Britain and its economy.

The International Monetary Fund warned Monday that Britain’s economy will shrink if the country leaves the EU with no deal. However, the IMF said if there was a deal, the economic growth will continue with a slower pace.

A no-deal Brexit will also force May out of office while there would also be the possibility for early elections in Britain.



Sep 18, 2018 12:19 UTC