Oct 04, 2018 13:55 UTC
  • Turkey parliament renews mandate for troop deployment in Syria, Iraq

Turkey’s parliament has approved a motion to extend for another year the state’s authority to launch cross-border operations in neighboring Iraq and Syria.

The motion, which was ratified on Wednesday, allows military operations in Turkey’s two southern neighbors against what it calls the Daesh Takfiri terrorist outfit and other groups Ankara deems to be terror organizations, according to state-run Anadolu news agency.

The Turkish military deployment mandate was first approved by parliament in October 2014, and has been renewed each year since then.

The motion said it was “essential for Turkey’s national security to take all necessary measures ... in the face of any threats.”

It added that “the existence of [the Kurdistan Workers’ Party militant group] PKK and Daesh in Iraq, poses a direct threat to regional peace, stability and the security of our country.”

Ismet Yilmaz, head of parliament’s defense committee, said there would be no reprieve in Turkey’s “fight against terror.”

“We will not allow terror groups to shelter or be trained in our country’s southern borders, or stage attacks against our country utilizing the instable political situation in Iraq and Syria,” Yilmaz was quoted as saying by Anadolu.

PKK militants regularly clash with Turkish forces in the Kurdish-dominated southeast of Turkey attached to northern Iraq.

Over the past few months, Turkish ground and air forces have been carrying out operations against PKK positions in the country as well as in northern Iraq and neighboring Syria.