May 11, 2019 16:14 UTC

On the threshold of entering the fifth decade of the Islamic Revolution, Leader of this magnificent revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, issued a very important statement which has been known as the "Second Step" or "Second Phase" of the Revolution.

In the previous episodes, we dealt with the text of the statement but today we are going to dwell upon it in view of its impact.

 The Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution is of great importance because it determines the luminous path of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards building an Islamic civilization which, God willing, will result in ceding it to the Savior of mankind, Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance). To explicate the way of realization of such a lofty ideal, the statement refers to the fact that, in spite of all difficulties, 40 years have been covered with God's grace so that the Islamic Republic of Iran has grown from a tender sapling into a robust tree.

The Leader enumerates the characteristics of the Islamic revolution and advises the young generation to continue the path of the revolution. Now let us first explain the meaning of revolution and draw a brief comparison between the Islamic Revolution and other movements and revolutions in the world.

Revolution means a major change and fundamental development in the state of a phenomenon, society, system and so on. Thus, many protests, movements and rebellions cannot be called as revolution since they are often limited, superficial and without a specific program and aim. Some others, like coups, are just an armed uprising of a small group to take power. However, the causes and grounds of a revolution are also important.

A revolution occurs when people are dissatisfied with the status quo and corruption or incompetence of the ruling system. But, mere dissatisfaction is not enough as there should be loftier ideals and goals to lead to a desirable state. Another condition for occurrence of a revolution is the readiness of people for self-sacrifice and having a revolutionary spirit and self-confidence. Finally, there needs to be an able, competent, prudent and aware leader who enjoys popular approval and can unite, organize and guide the ranks of people toward victory.

In the contemporary era, no revolution, except the Islamic Revolution in Iran, has enjoyed all of the characteristics of a real revolution. The Iranian nation were extremely discontent with the policies and performance of the corrupt Pahlavi regime in the domains of economy, politics, society, military and culture. According to the Islamic principles and teachings, they found Imam Khomeini as the full personification of their missing. Thus, they called for the establishment of an Islamic government. The Iranian people showed in practice that they are not scared of sacrificing their soul to attain their goals. They had accepted Imam Khomeini as an honest, brave, pious, uncompromising and prudent leader.

That's why, the Islamic Revolution gained victory and became the source of very important developments in the region and the world in spite of the intense hostilities of the US and a few western regimes alongside their vassal regimes in the region.

Revolutions are classified according to their goals and ideals. The French revolution chanted liberation while the Russian revolution was shaped on the basis of Marxist ideas. But the uprising of the Iranian people, which triumphed in 1979, was the first revolution in the modern era that insisted on divine goals and Islamic ideals. In other words, it was not a materialistic movement for maintenance of worldly demands; it rather sought spiritual values for the whole mankind.

Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, expressly said, "There is a difference between the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the world revolutions. The world revolutions, without exception, are not for faith; they are not for God's sake. Iran's Revolution is for God's sake and has been so since the beginning. It was Allahu Akbar and it will be the same till the end."

The Islamic Revolution, besides addressing the economic, social and political demands such as freedom, welfare, security and independence, pays special attention to spiritual demands and deems them very important. That's why, for the past four decades ample endeavours have been made to spread and deepen religious values in society. These endeavours have yielded spectacular fruits.

The ideals of the Islamic Revolution are public and imperishable since they are inseparably tied with human nature. The Second Phase of the Revolution which has been outlined in the statement of the Leader, reads in this regard, "It is possible to assume a useful life and an expiry date for anything; yet, the global mottos of this religious revolution are exceptional. They will never expire or be useless because they match human nature in every era. Freedom, ethics, spirituality, justice, independence, dignity, rationality, brotherhood are not limited to a single generation or society so that they would shine in a period and decline in the next. Never can a people be imagined to despise these blessed spectacles."

Dear listeners, the ideals of the Islamic Revolution are so grand and important that some of them cannot be put into action easily. For instance, justice is a phenomenon which should materialize step by step. Ethics and spirituality, too, cannot be practiced overnight. As the Leader has stressed several times, the Islamic Republic of Iran is marching in the way of expansion of justice, spirituality, ethics and other sacred ideals but there are many phases to cover yet.

Finding out the element of the endurance of the Islamic Revolution's values, we can mention two points. Firstly, it has not just been supported by Muslims but even non-Muslims, who cherish justice and independence, support this revolution. This becomes more significant once we look at the smear campaign of the Global Arrogance and Zionism against the Islamic Republic and Iranian nation. Secondly, as the Islamic Revolution is in conformity with the human nature, the Iranian nation have not got tired of supporting it despite the passage of 40 years. They have braved myriads of hardships while the enemy's media have incessantly bombarded the minds of the Iranian nation to convince them to revise the mottos of the revolution.

Ayatollah Khamenei makes it clear in his statement, "Among all the nations suffering from oppression, few make an effort to stage a revolution; and among those nations who have risen up and staged a revolution, few have been witnessed to have been able to pursue it to the end, or except merely changing the government, safeguard their revolutionary ideals. But, the splendid Revolution of the Iranian nation- which is the greatest and most popular revolution of the modern era- is the only revolution that has persisted 40 years of pride without betrayal of its ideals; and has preserved its dignity and genuine mottos in the face of all temptations which seemed irresistible; and now has entered the second phase of self-building, society-refurbishing and civilization-constructing."