Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, on Thursday December 27 in a meeting in Tehran with officials and members of Coordination Council for Islamic Propagation from across the country, pointed to feverish US efforts to spread doubts and sedition in a vain bid to undermine the hope and self-confidence of the nation”.

At the same time he deplored the words and actions of some persons in either wittingly or unwittingly aiding the goals and objectives of the enemies of Iran and the Iranian people.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution recalled the enemy’s misconstrued analyses of the past four decades and its feverish propaganda tirade about the defeat or weakening of the Islamic Republic. He reiterated, “By the grace of God and through reliance upon the awareness and resistance of the people, we will humiliate the enemy as before and will strongly continue the path of progress and honor with redoubled effort by the officials to solve people’s livelihood and economic problems.” 

Congratulating the nation on the birth anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS), the 11th Infallible Heir of Prophet Mohammad (blessings of God upon him and his progeny), he described “proper propagation” as the most important duty of the Coordination Council for Islamic Propagation and pointed to the Qur’anic etymology of propagation, saying, “In Islam, propagation denotes ‘the sincere, cordial, responsible and faithful delivery of a message to the public in a bid to reach an understanding with the people,’ so that they are encouraged to move toward a lofty goal by feeling responsible.”   

Ayatollah Khamenei added, “Propagation in Islam is completely different from Western propaganda, which pursues money, power and deception of public opinion through lies and accusations.

The Leader described instilling hope and self-confidence in the people, clarifying opportunities and threats, and identifying friends and foes, as part of requirements of propagation in Islam. He reiterated, “Today, the most important goal of the enemy’s soft war is to deprive the Iranian nation of hope and self-confidence.”

He described propagation as a battlefield similar to economic, political and cultural fields and said, “Some people do not like it when there is mention of propaganda wars or economic and cultural wars and say we must speak of peace; however, the enemy’s war against the Iranian nation in various fields is a fact and if we ignore this reality, the opposite side is vigilant and will advance its machinations.”

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated, “Indeed, today, the war is not a military war because they are not engaged in military wars [against Iran] and who they might be to seek to get engaged in a military war.”

He described soft wars as more dangerous than military wars and while explaining the main reason behind enmity toward the Islamic establishment, added, “Over the past 40 years, the Islamic Revolution has changed the wrong structure and equations ruling the world and shown that it is possible for a nation to be neither domineering nor dominated, and to neither bully nor submit to any bullying.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution recalled the various plots and pressures such as war and sanctions, threats and slander, infiltration and creation of internal divisions to counter the Iranian nation, saying, “The Iranian nation has stood strong for 40 year and succeeded in surmounting all these threats and overcoming many ordeals while other nations have not managed to handle a single challenge.”   

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to the fate of Islamic Awakening in some North African Arab countries, which resulted in sedition, civil wars and sectarian and ethnic conflicts. He said: “The Iranian nation proudly and strongly saw these stages through and a comparison between the Islamic Republic and the fate of the Islamic Awakening in some countries is an instructive analogy.”

He pointed to the continuation of enmity toward the Iranian nation, saying, “What is important is that we recognize the plots and designs of the enemy in various fields at all times and, accordingly, take preventive measures, defend strongly or attack pre-emptively.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the most important scheme of the enemy front at the current juncture is demoralizing the people and destroying their self-confidence through the exaggeration of problems, woes and shortcomings. He pointed out: “Today, there are thousands of artillery units firing at the Iranian nation and if it is said that we should beware of cyberspace, it is due to the fact that the enemy would not succeed in using this platform to target the identity and existence of the Islamic nation and establishment.”

He said “the publication of unfounded statistics, false claims, tarnishing the image of publicly-recognized figures and denial of the successes of the Islamic Revolution” are parts of the measures in cyberspace to make the people, particularly the youth and teenagers, pessimistic and reiterated, “Unfortunately, some impious individuals inside the country do the enemy’s bidding by leveling accusations against government apparatuses and endeavoring to give an accurate appearance to foreigners’ blatant lies.”  

He added, “Instead of ‘religionizing’ their politics, these individuals have blended their religion with politicization to attain petty and lowly political objectives.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, “These people speak in line with the enemy goals inconsiderately and without regard for God, religion and justness and please the enemy at the expense of demoralizing the people and young generation.”

He further said: “Those who had all the facilities of the country at their disposal yesterday and those who have control over all of the administrative facilities of the country today have no right to play the role of opposition and speak against the country but should be accountable. Furthermore, people are wise and such conduct will not influence them.”

Pointing to the important services of all of the administrators of the Islamic Republic from the beginning until now, Ayatollah Khamenei said: “Of course, beside all these services, there has also been some damage and the services should be appreciated and the damage should be subjected to fair, responsible and prudent criticism and not criticism that is accompanied by slander and cursing because criticism and openness to criticism is mandatory [in religion], but slander and mudslinging is forbidden.”

He reiterated, “It is no skill for an individual to repeatedly attack and slander various apparatuses or branches of government because any child can break a window with a stone; skill is to have God in mind and speak reasonably and avoid making comments for carnal desires and personal gain and gaining power because God will hold humans accountable and liable for any remark.”  

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that “playing revolutionary” is different from “being revolutionary”, adding, “Being a revolutionary is a difficult task because it requires commitment and religiosity and one cannot be the boss of a country in one decade and turn into the country’s opponent voice the next decade.” 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointing to the 9th of the Iranian month of Dey on which eight years earlier the Iranian nation had held massive rallies to defeat the sedition of foreign-funded agents, said: “With its greatness, Dey 9th was the day the nation responded to such games and defended the values of the Revolution and religion and indeed, the issue of commitment to values also exists today.”

He reiterated, “At that time, we stood in defense of the election and as I declared and despite pressures I did not give in to voiding the election.”

He recalled the wise words of the Father of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini (God bless him) that “the current status of individuals is the yardstick,” reiterating, “We should all beware, because no one is guaranteed to be virtuous until the moment of death.” 

Elsewhere in his speech, Ayatollah Khamenei underscored the important responsibility of the media and propagational apparatuses in responding to the doubts that have created by the enemy.

He said: “Our youth should not feel stunned or baffled and the suspicions should be removed and minds should be convinced and comforted.”

He said the exaggeration of enemy media about the size of the audience is hollow and a lie just like the claims about the collapse of the Islamic Republic and added, “On the first day of the Revolution, they said the Islamic establishment would not last more than six months and at the end of the six months, they said two years and then they continuously repeated these baseless analyses; however, after 40 years the Islamic Republic continues its pure existence.”  

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated, “Everyone should know that the criminal US and its accomplices will by the grace of God also run aground in this stage.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described the regime of the United States of America as one of the most corrupt and tyrannical ones in the whole world, saying: “This regime’s support for Daesh and Takfiri terrorists, collusion with oppressive and dictatorial governments such as Al Saud and backing for Zionist criminals and thugs who are daily killing and injuring Yemenis are examples which show the evil and corrupt nature of the US regime.”

He pointed to the racial discrimination ruling the US and the country’s justice system, saying, “Despite the existence of this fundamental flaws and problems, they level accusations against the judicial apparatus of other countries, including the judicial apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He added, “Of course, our judicial system is not flawless and I am not unaware of the problems in the judicial and executive branches of the government; however, the positive and negative points should be seen side by side and punishments should not be dished out indiscriminately.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described as futile and a failure the heavy price and complex plots of the US to create political, religious, ethnic and linguistic divisions in Iran and added, “With divine permission, the Iranian nation and Islamic establishment will disappoint the US in all areas.”

He compared former US President Ronald Reagan with the country’s current president, saying, “Reagan was a better actor, stronger and wiser than the incumbent and even took practical measures against the Iranian people and targeted our commercial airliner, but he is now being held accountable and punished before God almighty and the Islamic Republic continues its growth and progress with daily-increasing might.” 

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated. “This path will also continue in the term of the current US president and the pain of failing to marginalize or weaken the Islamic Republic will remain with them forever.”

He added, “Of course, some US official managed to occupy some of us with their superficial softening and covering up their iron hands with velvet gloves but they were exposed very soon and today the reality of the evil US intentions with regard to Islam and the Islamic Republic is completely clear.”

In the final section of his speech, the Leader of the Revolution described resistance and endogenous economy as the cure for the main tool of the enemy, namely sanctions, and added, “Officials must take resistance economy seriously and not just pay lip service and know that resistance economy does not move along with unbridled imports and weakness in domestic production.”  

He stressed that various apparatuses must purchase their required items from domestic output and urged the people to seriously turn to domestic products and added, “This counteracts the enemy spell. Indeed, it requires time and it may not work in six months or a year, but it is the only true cure.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described as highly imperative vigilance against various enemy approaches such as infiltration into decision-making and decision-adopting apparatuses and said, “The enemy plot must be understood and its sycophancy, expression of kindness and devotion and its invitation to shake hands and negotiate must not be taken seriously.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “If we observe these issues, the Islamic Republic will continue its path forward issues such as inflation, stagnation and the people’s livelihood and financial problems which I am aware of can be resolved with the endeavor and effort of the officials and God will undo the knots.”



Jan 02, 2018 10:25 UTC