Jan 03, 2018 10:36 UTC

The 26th National Conference on Prayer was recently held in Hormozgan Province with the theme of "Prayer and Cyberspace".

Daily ritual prayer is the most constructive act of worship in Islam. The phrases of daily prayer are a collection of important teachings related to monotheism, prophethood, resurrection and social issues that shape the core of Islam. Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) embarked on strengthening the foundations of Islamic system and started his mission with various rituals, especially daily obligatory prayers. Approximately 98 ayahs of the noble Qur'an have used the word "Salaat" (prayer) or its derivatives which indicate the status and significance of this act of worship. In ayah 14 of Surah Ta Ha God declares in a public call:

“Indeed I am Allah —there is no god except Me. So worship Me, and maintain the prayer for My remembrance.”

Due to the importance of prayer in human life, the nationwide conference on daily ritual prayer is one of the major cultural events in the Islamic Republic of Iran which is held every year in one of the provinces with the message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

The leader of the Islamic Revolution, in part of his message to the 26th conference on daily ritual prayer, said: "Invitation to prayer is the invitation to the most beautiful manifestations of life, because prayer is a chapter of life in which man expresses love of the Creator and the Owner of all goodness and beauty, and thus increases the beauty and goodness of his soul and heart. This huge volume and impressive language recommending zikr and prayer in the holy Quran and hadith is a sign of this feature in the invitation to prayer. The righteous and kind servants of God must learn this lesson and invite to prayer. The faithful officials in the Islamic Republic should offer their extensive facilities to serve this invitation. Theologian, teacher, instructor, manager and official everywhere, should guide the audience and domain of their influence to this direction and invite them to God and prayer. "

The 26th conference on prayer with the theme of “Prayer and Cyberspace” was recently held in Hormozgan Province. The meeting was aimed at introducing various aspects of the beautiful and divine daily ritaul prayer, producing different material in this field and distributing it among the audience through the capacity of cyberspace. Therefore, the speakers talked about the link between daily ritual prayer and cyberspace.

Friday prayer leader of Ilam Province, Hojjatol Islam Moradbeigi, said, "Daily ritual prayer has an effective role in building of human and strengthening his faith. Prayer creates confidence and tranquility that transcends man, enlarges the human worldview and is the bridge between the source of creation and resurrection. According to the Qur'anic ayahs, the faithful are the first to perform prayers. This means that prayer is a shortcut between building of individual and the community."

This cleric noted that a person's self-control in privacy needs a component which is prayer in Islam. He added: "According to the Qur'anic ayah, prayer prevents man from indecency and evil. Indecency is the root of many dilemmas, including pollution, depression, despair and lack of vitality, and destroys the spirit of sublimity in a person and makes people vulnerable. But prayer controls a person so that he does not suffer from sin and corruption. "

Ilam Friday prayer leader continued, "Promoting the culture of prayer increases spirituality and health and peace and tranquility in the society; and, in this relation, the cyberspace has a very effective role. We must not overlook the role of prayer in creating a shortcut in the construction of the community, but we should use an important tool such as cyberspace before the enemy to promote the prayer and its importance. "

Nowadays, communication networks, especially cyberspace, have become the constant instrument of news and influence in the family and cyberspace. One can express the important position of daily ritual prayer and its spiritual impact on everyday affairs both for the individual and society. Undoubtedly, if the data derived from religious scholars and circles are presented to people around the world in an attractive way people will consciously and willingly be absorbed to the constructive culture of prayer. With a weapon called prayer, one can eradicate abnormalities in society.  

The importance and spread of cyberspace in various aspects of human life cannot be overlooked. The scale of the Internet influence and the extent of its usage by the users is irrefutable. The range of its influence in political, social, cultural and economic fields and the high speed of modern technologies in the era of communication have caused the rulers, thinkers in different communities to think and plan seriously about the threats and opportunities facing the users of cyberspace in a manageable manner. Considering the importance of cyberspace and social networks and their degree of influence on the community, it is possible to quickly convey the word of truth to many people in the world, and to use cyberspace to promote meaningful and informative concepts.

The head of the prayer headquarters, Hojjatoleslam Qeraati, said, "The noble Qur'an says to the faithful: “Prepare against them whatever you can of power.”

Presently, the enemy uses the cyberspace for cultural infiltration and hegemony. We, too, should use this space for promoting the culture and teachings of the noble Qur'an and guidelines of the Prophet and his immaculate Ahl al-Bayt (Blessings of God upon them). Therefore, daily ritual prayer can be propagated through cyberspace. If daily obligatory prayer is propagated in a correct way, it will immunize the users of cyberspace from the negative effects of this space and they will benefit from it as they spread its benefits to others, too. One of the factors leading to efficiency in cyberspace is the pursuit of prayer.

Iran's minister of communications and information technology, Azari Jahromi, said at the conference on prayer in Bandar Abbas, "We need to take an active role in cyberspace, because one of the characteristics of cyberspace that differentiates it from other phenomena is the speed of disseminating information and news." Stating that messages and realities of daily ritual prayer are attractive for people, he added, "We must use the cyberspace to introduce the revolution and prayer. Today's cyberspace is not one-dimensional. It's related to all aspects of humankind, and this unique tool is available to us today. "

The spirit of daily ritual prayer is constructive, and since it deters human from evil, corruption and deviation, it transforms man and grants him glory. A person, who stands before the Powerful Source of Creation and praises Him and His beautiful attributes becomes harmonious with these attributes. Here, God comes to the aid of man and gives trust and confidence to the worshipper, which is a prerequisite for success in the realm of life. In this way the heart of the worshipper is filled with serenity and all discomforts and anxieties perish. Prayer is a way to light and if it is performed with sincerity, it will lead to prosperity and salvation. For this reason, in the holy Quran, God tells His Prophet:

“And bid your family to prayer and be steadfast in its maintenance.”