Feb 06, 2018 16:54 UTC

The beautiful coastlines, glittering sunshine, blue sky, pristine waters, fresh air, and unique tranquility of Kish have turned this island into the pearl of Persian Gulf waters.

Today, we become more familiar with the scenic landscapes of this unique Island.

The Persian Gulf waters across the coastlines of Kish Island are clear and transparent, such that the sea bedding can be easily viewed, even at a far distance. Environmentalists have attributed this fact to the existence of coral reefs, which according to them naturally purify and filter water, and grant beauty and transparency to this island's beaches.

Fish species and other existing aquatics across the Kish Island's coastlines are the most exceptional feature of this island. The diverse range of fish species that live next to Kish Island's coastlines are in fact considered as one of the main tourist attractions of this island, entertaining travelers and tourists for a number of hours. What's more, the best quality edible fish species are also netted across the Kish Island's coastlines by Kish Fishing Company and local fishermen. Those, who are interested in fishing can net fish across the southern and western beaches of this island.

Kish Island's coastlines are among the safest in the world. There are no predating sharks across this Island's coastal belt. Meanwhile, those sharks which are spotted every now and then across Kish Island's coastlines feed on small fish species, and do not pose any threat against swimmers. Kish Island coastlines are tourist destinations in the warm and cold seasons, both, while the means have been provided for travelers to engage in water sports all year long.

Kish Island's climate is warm and humid, with an average annual temperature of 6.26 degrees centigrade. This island's climate is impacted by different northwestern and southern air currents, and is generally dry. The rainfalls usually take place in winter.

This island maintains a rich and diverse flora, and is home to several palm groves, in addition to non-local trees such as acacia and eucalyptus.

One of the existing tree types in this island is Acacia, which in turn is comprised of several sub-species. Their leaves and resins maintain pharmaceutical applications and are also used as food preservatives.

This tree's resin contains natural sugar and is rich in calcium, potassium, and sodium. The branches of this plant are at times scratched due to insect bites, and/or blowing winds, excreting a material which is otherwise known as acacia's resin. This resin is used for preparation of pills, glues, drops, and powders, while a negligible amount of this resin is also consumed in preparation of food and confectionaries.

Nearly 3000 coconut trees have been planted across the eastern coastlines of Kish Island, covering a space of roughly 20 hectares, granting especial beauty to this island.

Palm trees are of economic importance in warm regions. Given the climate of Kish Island, importance is attached to plantation of palm trees in this tourist destination. In accordance to historical texts, and travelogues of tourists who have visited this unique island in past centuries, large palm groves have existed in this island as of ancient times.

Ghoroub Palm Grove is one of the most beautiful palm groves of southern Iran which is situated in Kish Island, covering an area of 25 hectares. Meanwhile, Kish Free Zone Organization has imported palm trees from the palm groves of Hormuzgan Province, planting them next to boulevards and streets, and granting further beauty to this island.

Another tree type in Kish Island is Ziziphus Tree, which is covered with small thorns and leaves. This tree bears red-colored fruits. The length of these trees in Kish Island reach up to 15 meters, and some of these trees are 500 to 600 years old. The wooden logs of these trees are solid and used in construction of ships and production of household goods.

Loor Tree is one of the most beautiful, rarest, and most astonishing trees in the world, which exists in Kish Island. It maintains oval-shaped, large leaves, while white-colored resin can be spotted over all of the branches and roots of this tree. The tree's bark is soft and gray in color. This tree bears red and orange colored fruits which are as large as hazelnuts.

One of the rare tree species in the world is named Ficus religiosa. In Iran, this tree grows in different regions of Hormuzgan Province, Bandar Abbas, and Kish Island. These trees have effectively contributed to beautification of the city of Bushehr. It is said that this plant has been transferred by the Portuguese from the Indian Subcontinent to the southern islands of Iran. These trees' ancient barks, and leaves and roots which are hanging from their trunks, single them out from other tree species.

Meanwhile, the grandeur of Laura Trees of Kish Island has captured the attention of tourists who travel to this island. The oldest Laura Tree in this island is 600 years old. Some believe that this tree brings good luck. The surrounding environment of this ancient tree is full of beautiful arbors, which have provided the means for travelers to rest for a while. This ancient Laura Tree is located adjacent to two important tourist attraction sites of Kish Island, which are namely the ancient city of Harireh, and the traditional water store.