Feb 07, 2018 11:18 UTC

Today on the 7th day of the Ten-Day-Dawn marking the 39th anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic Movement of the Iranian nation, we present you a feature on the Islamic Revolution and confronting the Soft War.

Ever since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979, Iran has been the target of various plots by the West, especially the US, which has currently resorted to a new kind of warfare that could be called Soft Power, which includes intense propaganda and such absurd accusations as, violation of human rights and lack of freedom and democracy. Because of US manipulation of the UN, unfair and illegal resolutions have been issued in this regard against the Islamic Republic, but thanks to the awareness of the masses and the official, in addition to the crystal clear record of the Islamic Republic, all these soft war plots have come to a naught. As part of this Iranophobia, the
The US has held opinion polls through Gallop and Pew in order to portray the Islamic Republic as a threat to international peace and security, but to no avail. The UN human rights commission has showed its bias towards Iran, and so have the big Zionist-controlled news agencies and satellite and computer networks. These media horns that every day produce millions of words of news through the most sophisticated communication technology have unabashedly tried to target Iran, in a futile bid to discredit the Islamic Republic system.

For instance, the Associated Press dishes out at least 11million words of news to 10 thousand newspapers in 109 countries of the world. The Voice of America and the BBC have launched Persian radios and TV channels of their own to try to mislead the Iranian people. In all over 32 radios broadcast programs in Persian for the Iranians and other Persian-speaking people of the world which are estimated at over 150 million.

Under the present circumstances, the US officials have placed the hard threat in second priority and pursue the soft war in a bid to achieving their objectives through psychological operations. US officials have never denied their objective of overthrowing the Islamic Republic system right from the initial days of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

US strategist Mark Palmer who is referred to as one of the innovators of US foreign policy, in a report titled "Iran-US-The new achievement" has opposed military attack against the Islamic Republic of Iran, pointing out that Iran has turned into regional power and cannot be easily fought through military means. Instead, he has called for soft war mechanism and use of psychological warfare against Iran. In this regard, the US and the international Zionism resorted to several crooked ways including the accusations of pursuit of nuclear weapons despite the fact that the Geneva 7-nation nuclear accord has removed all ambiguities.

Cinema is another tool used by the purveyors of soft war against independent countries. One of the propaganda tricks which have been used in these movies is negative characterization of Iranian history as well as the present conditions. The Islamic Republic of Iran is introduced as a warmongering country and supporter of what the West calls terrorism. The western cinema tries to portray the Islamic Republic system as reactionary, violent, and suppressor of the rights of women and minorities.

Some of the negative movies are: Movies like Flight 93, Babel, Kingdom of Heaven, 300, Stoning of Soraya, Wish Master, Not without My Daughter, Tehran's New Generation, Hostages and Delta Force are among Hollywood movies against Iran and Islam. 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, says about soft war: Soft war means war by cultural tools and cyber technology, through spread of lies, rumors, propaganda and the media. Soft war means to create doubt in people's hearts and minds.

Therefore the West has launched the soft war in a bid to weaken the determination of the Iranian people, but it will not succeed, thanks to the revolutionary spirit of Iran’s Muslims masses, and their deep faith in Islam.