Feb 09, 2018 12:25 UTC

Cinema has been the most accomplished art during the decades after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. It is known as the first art of Iranians abroad. Today's theme is about the status of cinema in Iran after the Islamic Revolution.

The art of cinema has undergone numerous ups and downs since 1900. Although there were a few achievements in the pre-revolution cinema, it got a totally different course after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. In view of Imam Khomeini, cinema is one of the manifestations of civilization which should be employed for the service of people. Thus, cinematographers and filmmakers took this guideline and tried to use cinema as a medium for explication, deepening and expansion of cultural, social and political approaches. They made use of global events to introduce the ideals of the Islamic Revolution, strengthen cultural diplomacy and promote the advanced Islamic-Iranian culture. The Iranian cinema enjoys rich human resources with strong ideology and thought. Furthermore, the ground is prepared for women to be active in every field of cinematography and filmmaking. After the revolution, the Iranian cinema has put an end to the wave of sensual and corrupt movies. The Islamic Revolution has made efforts to return female section of cinema to her proper position.

Moreover, due to the political developments, important events have taken place in the Iranian cinema. Shortly after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, the Hollywood movies were banned to be screened and the cinemas were focused on showing of the works with religious and social themes, especially those of the domestic filmmakers.

With the outbreak of the 8-year war imposed by the US through Saddam in 1980, a new phase began with the richest themes for cinema in Iran. The Iranian cinema, for nearly three decades dedicated a significant part of its production to cinema of war and defence. The issue of war, due to being imposed by foreigners, caused filmmakers and artists to be involved in it in one way or another. War was intertwined with the life of people and cinema was at the service of the war and defence. The long list of the works made in this genre shows that Iranian cinematographers were aware of the importance of the sacred defence in the present era.

The pre-revolution cinema was full of the works which were made merely for entertainment and gratification of sexual desires and the few filmmakers who would try not to be absorbed by the wave of corruption in the cinema; but their activities were not considerable and they would always be ignored and pushed to the margin.

Today, there is hardly a cinematic event in which the Iranian filmmakers and directors are not present. The Iranian cinema had won 152 prizes before the Islamic Revolution while this number was 366 in just 2016. According to the statistics, the Iranian cinema has participated in 34,930 events with 3685 rewards.