Throughout the recent weeks, we have traveled to different islands of the Persian Gulf waters. Today, we introduce three other islands situated in Bushehr Province.

Kharko is a small Iranian Island, situated in Bushehr Province. The length and width of this island are respectively eight kilometers and 400 meters. This island is located at a five-kilometer distance from Khark Island, and at a thirty-kilometer distance from Iran's coastline. English troops had stationed in this island in order to occupy Khark Island.

The most important animal, who lives in Kharko Island are deer, which had been transferred to this island 150 years ago. Despite human conflicts and natural restricting factors, such as drought, this animal adopted itself to the climate of this island and remained over there.

Khark and Kharko Islands maintain numerous ecological values, and are homes to unique coral reefs and aquatic species. Thousands of water birds hatch their eggs in these islands. Migrant birds, dolphins, and sea turtles live throughout the coastlines of these islands, creating unique and attractive scenes for eco-tourists. Kharko island is a plain. There are no hills in this island, and the highest region of this island is eight meters above the sea level.

In the meantime, there are no residential locations in this island. The Island has been registered as a national heritage by Iran Environment Protection Organization.

Bushehr Province is home to a number of different habitats, and accommodates a unique variety of flora and fauna species. Mond conserved region in Khan Island is one of the best habitats for settlement of white swallows. The living conditions in Khan Island are appropriate for reproduction of birds. Birds migrate to Khan Island as of late winter, and leave this region after reproduction.

Khan Island is one of the Iranian non-residential islands in Persian Gulf waters, which covers an area of four square kilometers, and is located at a four-kilometer distance from the coastline. This island maintains a plain surface and a large portion of it is at times covered with water throughout the water waves' ebb and lows.

Sea turtles and swallows hatch their eggs across the sandy beaches of Khan Island. the central part of this island is covered with plants; with a maximum height of eighty centimeters.

Gorm Island is another non-residential Iranian island in Persian Gulf waters across the coastal belt of Bushehr Province. This island is home to numerous mangrove trees which have grown throughout the coastlines.

The island is located 140 kilometers southeast of Bushehr Port, and is considered as a fishing hub. This island is semi-circular in shape and maintains sandy beaches. The length and width of this arc-shaped island are respectively two kilometers and less than two hundred meters.

This island is situated two meters above the sea level and maintains a warm and humid climate. Mangrove forests cover an area of twenty-five hectares throughout the island's coastlines. Birds migrate to this island in the winter season.

Currently, this island is the habitat of Persian Gulf sea turtles, which is of significant environmental importance.



May 15, 2018 16:51 UTC