Leader of the Islamic Revolution has made memorable remarks regarding the US breach of the JCPOA.

Following the Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s memorable remarks regarding the US breach of the JCPOA on Iran’s inalienable right to peaceful nuclear energy, Iran’s English language daily ‘Kayhan International’ carried an interesting viewpoint titled: “Heed the Leader’s Guidelines”.

Kayhan International quoted the Leader as saying: “Trump cannot do a damn thing”.

It then pointed out: “This is what the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday to a huge gathering in Tehran in response to the cowardly threats of the US president against the Iranian nation while shamelessly announcing Washington’s decision to breach the 7-nation international accord on Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy.”

Kayhan International commented: “Donald Trump is not just a Don Quixote but a rascal to his very core, who on Tuesday, May 8, through his ranting of preposterous lies, wild accusations, and demagoguery in a futile attempt to justify his refusal to fulfill his mandatory duty of certifying for the next three months the US commitment to the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), destroyed whatever credibility was left for Washington.

“The dotard who seems to have chosen the path of self-destruction, exposed his imbecility to the whole world – to the applause of fellow terroristic psychopaths in Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Manama and Abu Dhabi – by branding Iran as chief sponsor of ‘terrorism’ and calling the popular Islamic system of governance that enjoys huge support in the neighbourhood as ‘dictatorship’.”

Kayhan International advised the leadership of North Korea which is scheduled to meet Trump: “North Korea should now be extra careful in dealing with the US, the words, deeds and written commitments of whose officials cannot, and should not, be trusted. Having been deceived once before during Bill Clinton’s presidency regarding its nuclear projects, Pyongyang ought not to scale down its atomic weapons-building capability unless Washington practically dismantles part of its own weapons of mass destruction.”

It said: “The same caution applies for those Iranian officials, who had failed to fully heed the words of the enlightened Leader regarding the deceitful nature of the US while negotiating the JCPOA and surprisingly agreeing to reduce Iran’s uranium enrichment from 20 percent to a mere 3.5 percent, along with unnecessary several-year long restrictions, but without the practical end of all those American sanctions to blackmail us.”

Kayhan International raised the following questions: “Weren’t they aware that the US had held the Iranian nation hostage for over a quarter century after hoodwinking and overthrowing Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953?

“Didn’t they know that as the sworn enemy of the Iranian people, the US, following failure of its stealth invasion in the desert of Tabas had ordered Saddam of the tyrannical Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad to impose the 8-year war that killed hundreds of thousands of Iranian people and caused extensive destruction in the western border areas? 

 “What made them forget the US supply of information to the Ba’thists through AWACS based in Saudi Arabia of the movement and position of Iranian troops, and the supply of internationally-banned chemicals to Saddam to gas the Iranian people?

“Wasn’t it the USS Vincennes that deliberately shot down an Iranian passenger plane and sent 300 people to a watery grave in the Persian Gulf in 1988?

“How could memories be so short of the unlawful sanctions clamped on Iran and the Iranian people by the US since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in an attempt to pressure them to sacrifice their faith, dignity and national sovereignty on the altar of the vested interests of the Great Satan?”

Kayhan International went on to say: “The list of American crimes against Iran, the Iranian people, the Muslims of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, and all humanity, including the Vietnamese, the Japanese, the Chileans, etc., is too long and lengthy to be mentioned here, but after a decade of negotiations some of us seemed to have ignored this blatant devilry and developed an unexplained trust in Geneva, whose results we are seeing now.

“The Leader of the Islamic Revolution rightly remarked in his memorable speech on Wednesday that despite their assurances to adhere to the JCPOA at the moment, the three major West European states should not also be believed, since it is obvious that their leaders are after their own vested interests, and have no sympathy for Iran and the Iranian people.

“It is obvious that Britain has a long history of exploitation and betrayal of the Iranian people, while France with its open support for anti-revolutionaries cannot be trusted.”

Kayhan International concluded: “In short, the Iranian people whose faith in Islam has defeated every satanic plot of Global Arrogance for the past four decades; whose devotion has helped them master almost all fields of modern science and technology (including the nuclear fuel cycle, cyberspace, ballistic missiles and atmospheric satellites), and whose commitment to humanitarian values has enabled them to safe the governments and peoples of the region from terrorism, Zionism, and imperialism, should press ahead with their national interests, with confidence that Trump cannot do a damn thing.”




May 15, 2018 16:53 UTC