Feb 10, 2019 08:52 UTC

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a system of government based on religion and people and it is independent from and opposed to oppression and aggression.

All these features are opposite to the illegitimate desires of colonial and domineering regimes. Therefore, after the foundation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, myriads of plots were hatched to overthrow this system. These plots began with the moves of anti-revolutionary elements in different parts of the country, and then continued through coup d'état attempt, assassinations and imposed war. These plots were all carried out with the support of western regimes especially the United States of America. But most of these plots were nipped in the bud. The important factor for failure of plotters were the intelligence and security forces who have always worked incognito.

Following the assassinations plots that happened after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and led to the martyrdom of a number of people and officials, the ministry of intelligence of the Islamic Republic was founded in 1983. This ministry started working since the beginning of the assassination attempts of the MKO terrorist outfit in the country. This criminal grouplet martyred over 17000 of Iranian civilians and officials while the country was engaged in an all-out war with the invading army of Saddam. But, finally the hardworking forces of the intelligence ministry succeeded to detect the team houses of this criminal organization and foiled many of their terrorist operations. Then, the leaders of this terrorist outfit escaped to Iraq and took refuge with the Iraqi dictator, Saddam. The relentless efforts of the intelligence ministry and security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran yielded bright achievements. In one of the operations, they succeeded to arrest the leader of a terrorist outfit in the sky during a very intricate operation. Abdolmalek Rigi of the terrorist grouplet Jundallah had carried out several terrorist operations in the southeastern province of Sistan Baluchestan and murdered many innocent people in the region. This criminal agent of the US and Mossad was detected in a passenger plane flying to the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, to meet with Barack Obama's special envoy, Richard Halbrook and get further orders from his masters.

The forces of the intelligence ministry have arrested many spies of different countries and the Zionist regime of Israel. From every 100 terrorist operations, some 98 are detected and nipped in the bud. The broad coverage and high skill and ability of the intelligence and security forces of the Islamic Republic have startled the western and Zionist regimes and media.

The anonymous soldiers of the Imam of the Age, as Imam Khomeini used to call the intelligence forces, have been active in thwarting any threat including those in the fields of cyberspace and economy. These selfless forces have destroyed scores of networks engaged in trafficking commodities. The Iranian intelligence and security forces are different from many counterparts in other countries. They do not resort to immoral and inhuman methods to achieve their goals.

No doubt, the most important foundation for security and safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic are the armed forces. During the Pahlavi regime, 45 thousand American advisors were dominant over the army. One year before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the cost of their presence exceeded that of the whole military personnel in Iran. These advisors had turned the Iranian armed forces to their vassals.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the army turned into a popular, independent and efficient force. As a matter of fact, with the exception of the top brass of the army, the army officers and soldiers were faithful people who loved their nation and Imam Khomeini.

Moreover, in the first days after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, another military organization took shape by the name of "Islamic Revolution Guards Corps" (IRGC) whose function is to safeguard the Islamic Revolution and territorial integrity of the country. A few months later, upon Imam Khomeini's command, another popular organization was established titled, Basij-e Mustazafan", which means mobilization of volunteer forces of the oppressed. The Basij forces started their activities in the war and bravely defended the Islamic Revolution and Iran. But later on they continued their activities in every sphere where their presence is needed. Basij forces have been very successful in every domain that they have entered. Without doubt, the main engine of the Iranian forces during the 8-year imposed war were the Basij forces who rushed to the battlefronts voluntarily and defended Islam and the Islamic values selflessly. This tilted the balance of the war to the favor of the Islamic Iran though Saddam's army was armed and equipped with the most sophisticated weapons and munitions and enjoyed the all-out support of the world powers in terms of media and politics.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a vast country with an area of over 1.6 million square kilometers. Thus, it is the 17th largest country in the world. In view of this, Iran needs a powerful ground force with advanced weapons. The Iranian ground force, both in the army and the IRGC, is composed of highly experienced and skilled personnel. The Islamic Republic military industries have attained dazzling achievements during the past years. The army and IRGC engineers have manufactured advanced mortar-launchers, cannons and guns which shoot their target with high precision. They have succeeded to make sophisticated tanks called Zulfaqar and Karrar, too. Zulfaqar is an agile tank with a speed of 70 k/h and advanced equipment including laser alarm system and high maneuver ability. Karrar, too, is one of the best and most equipped tanks which rivals with the best tanks in the world. This tank is able to shoot while moving and is equipped with smart fire system, laser detection system, ability of shooting precisely at moving and fixed targets, moving at night and in day. It can move on uneven grounds and even underwater.

These were just a small part of Islamic Republic of Iran's achievements in military fields.