Feb 10, 2019 08:58 UTC

Ayatollah Khamenei, in a huge gathering of Basij forces in Azadi Stadium in September 2018, said:

"The aim of the Arrogance is to strike the elements of the might of Islamic Iran. Social solidity and stability, national security and unity, commitment to the principles and foundations of the revolution, continuation of movement towards scientific progress, spread and deepening of the Islamic and revolutionary culture, defensive and missile advancement and presence in the region are the elements of the might of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the enemies are in pursuit of striking these elements."

Before the Islamic Revolution, Iran, due to weakness and submissiveness of the Shah regime was absolutely dependent on global powers in spite of the geo-strategic advantages. However, thanks to the progressive discourse of the Islamic Revolution, Islamic Iran has the upper hand in the region and today no regional equation can be effective without taking into account Iran's role. The Islamic Revolution as the greatest phenomenon of the past 200 years in West Asia and one of the most important events of the world, has put on the agenda to encounter the west's hegemonic and anti-human measures which are symbolized by the fake Zionist regime of Israel. Iran's powerful influence in the region, not in the domineering and destructive style of the west but in a completely logical and rational manner, has frustrated the American officials who have already spent trillions of dollars to expand their ominous presence in the region. Thus, the core of Washington's measures to prevent Iran's influence and might is to give a false picture of the Islamic Republic and its performance.

The Islamic Revolution, through conquest of hearts of the regional nations, has strengthened the spirit of resistance and today this spirit has put the US and its partners-in-crime in bottleneck.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, based on its strategic principles, has always pursued peace and security in the world in every aspect. Iran has entered the arena of regional and international equations as an active player with independent policies. The peaceful role and nature of the Islamic Republic has been internalized in the foreign policy of the country. In view of this, the Islamic Republic has embarked on holding regional and international sessions to tackle the crises in Yemen and Myanmar.

The conditions of the region have proved that establishment of a just and pervasive peace won't materialize except with the extermination of occupation and bullying and putting the aggressors in their place. The stances of the Islamic Republic have always been based on this. Today, too, Iran believes that the rights of nations, including the Palestinian nation, should be restored. Peace in West Asia will materialize just when the fate of Palestine is determined by native people. Thus refugees should return to their ancestral land, the united Palestinian state should be set up with al-Quds as the capital. This is viable through a referendum with all ethnicities and main inhabitants of the land participating in it.

Zionists like to make the world people believe that Palestinians are the homeless people who do not belong to any land and should linger in other countries. That's why they totally change the meaning of resistance to terrorism to suggest their nefarious goals. Ayatollah Khamenei, addressing the guests of the 13th inter-parliamentary conference, said, "It shouldn’t be imagined that confrontation with the Zionist regime is useless; rather, with God's permission and favor, struggles against the Zionist regime will bear fruit, just as the current of resistance has made progress in comparison with the past years."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution refers to three historical events; namely "Land Occupation", "Collective and Million-strong Exile of People", and "Immense Massacre and Crime against Humanity".  These three events remind everyone of the forgotten duties of the Islamic world vis-à-vis occupation and usurpation. Ayatollah Khamenei stresses that we shouldn't allow the dangerous propaganda empire of the west, which is mainly in the hand of Zionists, to put into oblivion the important issues of the Islamic world and obliterate the main issues of the Islamic Ummah through the conspiracy of silencing the opponents.

The Islamic Republic has proved for the past 40 years that it will never shoulder off the responsibility of supporting the Palestinian nation.