Apr 25, 2016 08:03 UTC

One of the most important phases in mankind’s life is youth. It is necessary to appreciate this phase in time. In this episode, we speak of the importance and significance of youth in one’s success.

Man goes through a number of phases as of birth till death. Meanwhile, the most glorious and important of these phases is one’s young age. We all refer to youth as the spring of one’s life or the golden phase at one’s lifetime. Many individuals, who are middle-aged or at an advanced age, usually call on youths to appreciate their young age and to be grateful for it, advising youths to make the best of their young age to build their future. 

The importance of the young age is crystal clear to all of us. In the meantime, some youths optimally make use of their young age and make resounding accomplishments. Today, we present a definition for the successful youths, who have made the best of raised opportunities in order to achieve elevated goals.

One of the most significant factors that contribute to one’s success is the maintenance of goals in life. A successful youth is an individual who has adopted short-term and long-term goals. He pays attention to all existing domains in his path toward growth and development and never sacrifices one aspect of life for the sake of another aspect.

A successful youth is foresighted and makes utmost efforts to accomplish his demands and ideals. He studies and assesses his goals every now and then and evaluates his performance for attainment of his aims. It can be said that the most important advantage of a successful youth is that he knows what he wants, has researched his aims and has set goals in accordance to his circumstances and conditions. He is neither overambitious, nor narrow-minded. He is not a dreamer and doesn’t underestimate the developments that take place in his life. In fact, he sets realistic goals in life and arranges precise plans to achieve his aims.

A successful youth is optimistic and hopeful. He knows that irrespective of the existing problems each of us face, we can make resounding achievements.

Many problems may occur in life that would make it more difficult to accomplish one’s aims. However, a successful youth is well-aware that he can achieve his aims in a slower pace. Such a successful youth remains flexible, while defining a number of short-term goals to ultimately accomplish his bigger goals, step by step.

A successful youth doesn’t surrender and is not saddened or despaired by woes and hardships. He realizes that he maintains the capacity to make major accomplishments and maintains self-confidence. He is well aware of his talents and knows that no problem can obstruct him from accomplishing his goals. You may imagine that these statements do not reflect the realities. But, just look around yourself. You can observe youths who tough it out, while remaining extremely hopeful.

Numerous youths imagine that a young age is there to last. When they are told to be grateful for their young age, they imagine that they have a long way to go to reach an advanced age. But, in a blink of an eye, their youth flies away. A successful youngster appreciates his youth and makes the best of it. The young age is the best phase in time for learning. It is true that it is never too late to learn. But, if one wants to learn the most and hone his life skills in the shortest possible time, young age offers a golden opportunity to do so.

A successful youth intends to build his future and maintains plans to this end, while leaving no stones unturned for attainment of his elevated goals. He never sits idle, and continuously hones his skills or makes use of them. This should not imply that he neglects recreational activities. In fact, he makes proper use of his pastime. A successful youngster, in addition to building a bright future, retains vivaciousness, and enjoys the company of his relatives and friends. However, he never drifts apart from his goals and doesn’t forget them.

Bear in mind that you always maintain the capacity to climb the ladder of success if you truly want to make accomplishments, and if you keep a burning desire to achieve your elevated goals. To do so, never underestimate yourself, get up and move on.

Rasoul Norouzian is a young Iranian achiever. Born in a religious family in the city of Shahr-e Kord in February 1985, he completed his studies in his hometown, and went on higher education. He is currently an undergraduate in this city’s university, studying electrical engineering. This young inventor won two silver medals at Geneva’s international inventions contest.

He is a prime example of a successful Iranian youngster, who has registered countless inventions and has made honorable accomplishments for himself and his community. Among his inventions, one can mention innovation of an analyzer system for telescopes and optical lenses, invention of a smart guidance system for surface-to-surface missiles, and design and production of an apparatus for absorption and recycle of smoke and detrimental chemicals evolved by diesel autos.

Another successful Iranian youth is Kambiz Mahdizadeh, who is a PhD student of geology and is one of Iran’s young inventors. Up to now, he has registered eight inventions. He is 28. He has invented a smart microprocessor which determines the shape of hydrocarbon reservoirs. He works in the Iranian Ministry of Oil.

Dr. Yasser Roudi is another young Iranian inventor. Born in Tehran in 1981, he attended Alborz School, and got an MSc is physics at Sharif University. In the year 2005, he got his PhD from an advanced studies institute in Italy. He is one of the young researchers in theoretical physics. He elaborates on mind’s calculations with the use of basic laws of physics.

Life is a collection of experiences; each of which develops our spirit. We are in this world in order to develop our characters. We should come to realize that the obstacles and failures which we experience in our lifetime ultimately assist our progress and advancement.

 One of the social thinkers, Henry Ford, has pointed out: Success doesn’t come easy. In order to be successful in life, one should learn resilience. No matter how many times you fail, the important thing is to get up over and over again, and keep up the good work.