May 02, 2016 09:30 UTC

In this episode, some of the superior, young entrepreneurs are introduced, and a number of recommendations are made for treasuring the young age.

All of the behaviors and moods of youths are blended with fervor and excitement. Their physique, soul, emotions, sentiments, and thoughts are at the peak of growth, giving rise to constructive outcomes. On the flipside, these thoughts and emotions could also be dangerous, too. Some psychologists have named the young age as the phase of pride and adulthood of mankind. 

According to the First Infallible Imam of the Prophet Mohammad (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny) Household, Imam Ali (Peace be upon him), the young age is the age of ambitions, aspirations and wishes, coupled with elevated efforts and demand for freedom. Meanwhile, if the capacities of young age are put to use in an appropriate manner, youths would be able to play a very crucial role in the community.

According to the American Writer and Historian, Will Durant, young age is a phase in which bitter incidents have not taken place yet, and the youth is filled with fervor. This period of time raises an opportunity to reinforce and cement beliefs and virtues. Psychologists opine that the appropriate or inappropriate characteristic traits that are institutionalized at a young age last a lifetime.

The physical abilities of youths are at their peak, while a bigger notion of the universe is instilled in the behavioral patterns and incentives of youngsters. This in turn promotes the capacity of youngsters in making efforts.

The grounds for creation and innovation are embedded in individuals as of the very beginning, and are initially displayed in the individual’s childish games. During adulthood, the creativity and innovation of individuals flourish, and are further developed in one’s thirties and forties.

Thus, creativity is one of the characteristic traits of the young generation. Youngsters achieve innovations and inventions with the power of mind and continuous efforts. Psychologists and sociologists have put emphasis on creativity in individuals and community, and have called for education of active and creative forces. The further the creativity of individuals; the further the progress and advancement of the community would be. The creative and innovative forces always make new products, promoting the knowledge of the community and boosting its global status.

The talented and creative youths maintain a number of characteristic traits which has distinguished them from others. They are flexible and interested in the study and analysis of their surrounding topics of importance.

Entrepreneurship forms the foundation of growth and development of communities. Hence, making innovative and creative efforts is one of the important aspects of economic Jihad, leading to production of wealth from acquisition of knowledge. Youths are at the forefront of entrepreneurship and generation of jobs.

Meanwhile, the question is that what percentage of people has tried to fulfill their ideals? The wrong, common belief is that there is need for a huge investment for generation of jobs. The entrepreneur seizes the raised opportunities, is foresighted, and more importantly a pragmatist. The majorities of people solely utter their ideas and are not prepared to materialize them. Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs are those who take risks. Young age, talent, creativity, and hard work are recipes for success and positivism.

Abbas Barzegar is a prime example of a successful Iranian entrepreneur. He is a 38-year-old rural entrepreneur, who has turned his home into a tourist attraction site. His village in Fars Province is a top tourist destination for foreign travelers who intend to visit Iran.

Anushiravan Maraat is another young entrepreneur. He has obtained his PhD from French universities, and is currently an active entrepreneur in the industrial sector. He notes: “As of childhood, I was interested in computer programing and when I entered the job market, I was familiar with the technical aspects of my course. Later, I came to realize that for development of my activities, I needed to excel in the academic course of management, in addition to honing my technical and engineering expertise. Hence, I went on further studies and obtained my MA and PhD in strategic and executive management. At the very start of our activities, there were only two of us. Meanwhile, currently, forty full-time engineers and several part-time personnel are cooperating with us. I have always tried to fulfill my goals. I strongly believe that diligence, patience, and perseverance are prerequisites for attainment of aims.”

This talented entrepreneur calls on youths to initially know themselves and their potentials. In the next step, he recommends youths to gain knowledge about their field of activity, and more importantly to work hard, to remain patient, and to believe in group work.

Youth is highly powerful. He can solve problems and dispel shortcomings of his community. He can also take action, contributing to the growth and development of himself and his community.

Prominent Islamic figures have always pointed out that countless divine blessings and golden opportunities are granted to individuals at a young age. Hence, hard work in this phase in time heralds a bright and promising future for the individual.