May 11, 2016 10:17 UTC

Mother is the most beautiful word in all cultures and ethnicities. A mother is one of the secrets of creation and existence who in her first step experiences the joy of creation inside her body.

The Almighty God in many ayahs of the holy Quran has emphasized on the necessity of respecting parents especially mother.

In ayah 23 of Surah Isra He says:

"Your Lord has decreed that you shall not worship anyone except Him, and (He has enjoined), kindness to parents."

We all know mothers as the symbols of patience and dedication. A mother actually ignores her needs and pleasures and uses all her energy to bring up a good child.

Motherhood is not a duty. It's an art and skill lack of which leads to the spoiling of the society.

A mother plays a major role in bringing up her child. The child spends most of her life with the mother and most importantly follows his/ her mother's acts.

The most important duty of a mother is to fill her child's soul with love and bring up a child who is empty of selfishness and egotism; a child that has sympathy with the individuals in the society and can relate and behave well with people around him. A mother's duty is actually supporting, protecting, guiding and building a child's character.

Experts say the children, who are deprived of their mother's love and affection during their childhood, are prone to stress and depression in their adulthood.

Many deviations, social and emotional problems are seen among those who had never had an experience of a mother's love. The personality of these people has grown less emotionally and ethically so that it may affect the person and the society terribly in the future.

A mother has a major role in guiding the child's thoughts. The child accepts his/ her mother's manners and demeanour easily and doesn't resist. If the mother's manners are consolidated in the child's character well, the child then wouldn't be impacted by the society.

A mother should also set goals in educating her child. Sometimes a mother shows the best way to her child just by her behavior and that is the most authentic and most important way of bringing up a child.

The fourth infallible heir of the Prophet of Islam, Imam Sajjad

(Peace upon him) has said on the rights of the mother:

"The rights of your mother are: she carried you where no one carries anyone else; she fed you the fruit of her heart which no one gives to anyone else; she protected you with all parts of her body. She did not care if she remained hungry as long as you were fed; if she were thirsty as long as you drank; if she were naked as long you had clothes on, if she were in the sun as long as you were in shade. She lost her sleep for you. She protected you from cold and heat so that you should live. You will never be able to thank her unless Allah helps you ...."