Jun 01, 2016 09:50 UTC

The importance of the period of retirement is not less than other periods of life. This period can be problematic for the individual and his/her family if it is not accompanied by proper measures and programs.

Oldness used to be known by physical form and abilities and not by age. But today oldness has a legal definition and it is used for an age when the person is retired and enjoys welfare privileges that are often provided by governments. Retirement usually creates a gap in the life which is difficult to fill. This period is a very important transitional phase even for those who consider the free time they have gained as an opportunity. A retired person may be afflicted by psychological problems long before the retirement begins. But if we think well on the issue and accept the reality that retirement is a part of life we can tackle with it better.

A retired person can put his/her experiences and skills in various domains at the disposal of the enthusiasts who need these treasures. The British thinker Bertrand Russell in an article on the 90th anniversary of his life writes that the old age has advantages and defects; its defects are clearly not interesting but its advantages are ample; for, man’s past adds to his experiences.

He continues that he has seen individuals who looked talented in youth but they didn’t embark on an important job. But once they gain experience they understand better what to do.

The significance of retirement is not less than other phases of life. Research has shown that many individuals have experienced the great successes of their life during their old age. Many scientists have attained their discoveries and scientific facts in this period. Psychologists stress that artists and writers will reach useful views in old age.

Erik Homburger Erikson, German-born American developmental psychologist calls this period of human life as the age of fecundity vs. fruitlessness for it makes proper conditions for the individual to be a good producer otherwise absurdity and nihilism will engulf him. He considers cultural aspect of this age as the acceptance of responsibility in social affairs. A survey of famous figures like Picasso and Russell reveals this fact. French philosopher, Voltaire, wrote his book “Culture of Philosophy” at the age of 70 and Edison discovered the usage of electricity in generators at the same age.

With the start of a new phase in a person’s life, he/she will naturally suffer from states like depression, anger, dissatisfaction but first of all he/she should admit that reaching retirement is an inevitable issue and everybody shall experience it one day. The best way to face the period of retirement is to properly plan for the period. Travel, reading useful books, periodical visits with friends and so on can create pleasant moments. Therefore, retirement is not the end of the course but it is a beginning and another birth for a new season of life.